On Sunday afternoon, US Air Force Airman, Aaron Bushnell set him self on fire in front of the Israeli Embassy.


He’s being celebrated because he supposedly did this to free Palestine.

I’m not sure how this helps.

But other news brought more information to light.



He was a “comrade” and was dedicated to “liberation.”

He was a communist. That is communist language.

This is how revolutionary communists speak of one another.

So not just did he support Hamas, he supported communism.

And on Sunday afternoon, he became a good communist by his own hand.

I hope it hurt a lot.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “Aaron Bushnell became a good communist”
  1. Sounded like it hurt. Good.
    They should have shot when he refused to get on the ground. While it may have granted him a reprieve from the pain, it would have been funny.
    On a serious note, how disgusting to put the officers and security through that to support a campaign of rape, torture, and murder. Because that’s what he was doing — opposing any action in response to 10/7, so in support of 10/7.

  2. The level of stupid an uninformed happening over this Israel/ham-ass conflict is amazing.
    First of all, there are no innocent angels in this conflict, yes, whether you like it or not, Israel is not free from any blame. However, there is no justification in any way for the actions of ham-ass. None. Supporting it is laughable, and the level if intellect demonstrated is that of a midwit at best.
    Secondly, lighting yourself on fire? Com’n, seriously? WTF? Does anyone, anywhere think this is going to change minds in any way?

  3. That earthly fire is only the beginning of his eternal burning. God has judged him, and found him wanting. “For what will
    it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul?” He now knows the utter lie that is communism.

  4. Lol whoever wrote this must be mentally retarded, you Americans are the dumbest group of people I have ever seen, just a giant pile of the worst possible and least intelligent takes you could possibly have on this story? and love to see that McCarthyism worked on you from the way you lot react to communist terminologies haha when the revolution comes I think we might just have to get rid of you parasites in the imperial core


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