Actress and Hollywood crazy person Rosanna Arquette decided to signal her virtue to the world by Tweeting this:


I know the Progressive Left lacks any introspection but hasn’t it occurred to anybody that maybe every time some Woke Lefty bashes white people it drives more white people down the rabbit hole of extremism.

Heaping that much guilt on people eventually breaks them down mentally.  Either they will become self-destructive or belligerently opposed to the guilt.

The Left can say “but Trump’s rhetoric” all they want, but I would put money on the increase in white supremacism on the proliferation of Critical Whiteness Studies courses in American colleges than anything Trump has ever said.

I’m not excusing white supremacism.  Quite the opposite.  I’m saying extremism begets extremism and maybe the extreme Progressive Left is morally culpable for the deteriorating mental and social health of young white men that has led to the rise of mass shootings.

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By J. Kb

10 thoughts on “About that rhetoric”
  1. She’s simply posing. If she truly felt REALLY guilty, well, Heath Ledger, and multiple others, show her the way.

    Or, she could move a bunch of gangsters, and LaRaza folks into her nice home.

    THAT ought to start her on the path to atonement!

  2. This is the same sort of self loathing that drives PETA, maybe we could harness that by setting up a chain of ethical suicide parlors like “Welcome to the Monkey House”.

  3. She has a new show on Netflix (I think it’s called “Ratched,” a prequel to “Once Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.” (remember Nurse Ratched?) She’s just amping-up her PR profile. This is standard operating procedure, especially for “stars” on the downsides of their careers. Create fake controversy. It’s media fodder. Many actors have no pride, whatsover. They’ll do anything for attention, including debase themselves.

  4. They pull this crap and wonder why young men think they have no future — BECAUSE YOU NEVER STOP SAYING HOW MUCH YOU HATE THEM!!!

  5. Notice how NONE of them give up the privilege and go live in poverty??? Fuk em. Lifestyles of the rich n shameless…

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