ACLU finally wakes up


Ben Wizner, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) speech, privacy and technology project, warned Monday that bans against Alex Jones and Infowars could set a dangerous precedent.
Wizner told HuffPost that the hate speech policies many social media companies cited when they banned Jones can be “misused and abused.”

Wizner said companies had a constitutional right to regulate speech on their platforms, but added that hate speech “turns out to be an extremely subjective term.”
“If [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions, for example, were deciding what’s hate speech, he would be less likely to think KKK and more likely to think [Black Lives Matter],” he said.

ACLU: Alex Jones ban could set dangerous social media precedent

Dancing Monkeys and Performing Bears have is that they are damned slow to realize that the laws used against their enemies and they cheer so much about will eventually come back to be used against them.  I call it Getting Robespierred Being destroyed (politically or otherwise) by the same Revolution you worked so hard for and became an elite member of it.

If there is a truth is that things evolve or change, nothing is immutable. The Social media of today will disappear and Facebook will be as influential as AOL Chat Rooms and that the Champions Against Free Speech will end up with half a face blown up waiting for the blade to fall after found guilty of Hate Speech.

Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre waiting for the guillotine to be ready for his neck during the French Revolution. 


4 Replies to “ACLU finally wakes up”

  1. Me to the ACLU: “No shit Sherlock”

    I’ve been trying to tell the Libs in and around my life for years now to be careful how much they crowed and cawed and stumped for government and social rules /restrictions because they’re going to have to eventually live by the same rules.

  2. Perhaps the leadership who adopted the policy of only supporting the rights of the popular finally understand that free speech is about protecting the rights of those you hate. That was why Jewish lawyers were supporting the Nazis right to march in Skokie. I still don’t expect the ACLU to support the 2nd amendment but at least they have relearned some 1st amendment.

  3. Four or five days ago, Newt Gingrich (of whom I am not a fan) penned a piece on parallels of modern social justice warfare and similarities to Jacobin insanity and slaughter in the French Revolution. “Democrats have no idea what demons they are unleashing.”

    You both are correct.

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