This is a follow-up to Miguel’s post Another Death by Unarmed Man.

This thread from activist and grievance- monger Toure.

That was a lot of Tweets, I’m sorry, but I really wanted to capture all of it to drive the point home.

Toure is claiming that the N-word is unique among words that it isn’t just a word, it is violence, and the use of lethal force is justified in response to it.

I would say “if” but the way the Left is going, we all know that this will become a mainstream opinion on the Left if it’s not already one.

Then you know what happens.

It will become an affirmative defense for murder.

There will be no need to prove that the deceased actually said the N-word at the time of the incident.  The defendant will only need to claim that it was said.  Then the defense will find a witness who will testify that the deceased said the N-word once before, maybe singing along to some hip-hop song as a teenager, it really doesn’t matter,  and assert a pattern of behavior, and therefore the homicide was justified.

The Left has been building up to major social unrest and identity politics violence.

This will add to that considerably so will be embraced.

Watch as this becomes the narrative.

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By J. Kb

24 thoughts on “Activist says that the N-word justifies lethal force – a follow-up to Another Death by Unarmed Man”
  1. Here is my prediction: If the kid does not plea and the Defense goes with the N-Word Defense, the Defendant will know what the full force of the State of Florida feels like up his rectum.

    There are more Seniors than Black in Florida.

    1. Do yo think he’ll be called the n word, in prison, while getting a butt pounding?

  2. “The n-word is not “rude,” it’s a threat to my humanity”
    Er. Critical Race Theory is a threat to my humanity. Can I go full Dalek on the CRT proponents?

  3. Is this Toure the same person as the pro-gun pro-self-defense Maj Toure?

    Pardon my ignorance.

    1. I believe they are two separate people. Had to do a double take at first since those tweets do not at all sound like something Maj would say.

  4. I’d probably care more if they stopped constantly using the slur against each other in songs, media, merchandise, status symbols, and pride badge. It’s a nice lil grift they’ve got going. Probably. Maybe.

    I assume that constantly spouting white devil, calling wrong thinking black men and women Uncle Toms, and every form of slur against latinos and asians is somehow vegan kosher though? Something something slavery.

    1. Yeah, it would be nice if the word that’s a “threat to [his] humanity” was just as off-bounds when said over a beat.

    2. “I’d probably care more if they stopped constantly using the slur against each other in songs, media, merchandise, status symbols, and pride badge.”

      That is a bingo.

  5. Does he really understand where this could lead? I think not.

    (See also Eric’s comment above.)

  6. I hope that justice will be served, but nothing is guaranteed, but his claim that 71% of black people agree with him is false. He “polled” people who follow/read his nonsense on Twitter. This does not reflect the attitudes of the average black American, I am fairly certain.

  7. And this is the “Critical Thinking Skills” of a Rabid Animal.
    Btw..they have none.
    We know the correct response to rabid animals.

    Tick Tock, and when it do.,HANG ON!
    History proves that.

  8. This guy had a shows on CNN, BET, and MSNBC. He’s not some fringe activist.

    He’s also got a history of–and I know you’re going to be shocked–anti-semitism.

    These views don’t seem to affect his ability to hold a job.

    1. The fact that he’s on CNN, BET, and MSNBC is certainly not any evidence that the person isn’t a “fringe activist”. Those outlets have a metric boatload of fringe maniacs on their staff.

  9. I would wager that a look at his tweet history or personal life would find him calling other black people the n-word. Should they have in turn punched and killed him?

    1. Well, at least punched him. But, that would be black on black violence and it’s raaaaaacist to mention that. 😉

  10. So if I am called a red-necked, honky kike (all slurs as well as accurate), using lethal force is justified too? I don’t think they thought this through.

  11. Idiots like this want me to get a Twitter account.

    My response to this would be “Shut the F up N——”

    Sorry for the dickage there, but I am getting really tired of being called a racist simply because of a lack of melatonin in my skin.

    Actually, as noted above, if using a slur against a POC is violence, doing the same thing against a white individual is also violence. Call me a white supremacist, a Nazi, a hater, whatever, and I now have free reign to punch you in the face.

  12. Black people call each other the same thing and none of them consider it violence. Words are words, that’s all. If you’re offended by a word you have a serious problem.

  13. I suspect that more than a few innocent blacks are going to end up regretting that they didn’t try harder to keep murderously racist assholes like that cocksucker from becoming the public face of their entire demographic.

  14. This is why America needs a “National N-Word Day.” Make it law that at noon DC-time on September the 22nd (the day Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation), every able-bodied American must convey him or herself to the nearest streetcorner and repeatedly shout the N-Word at the top of his or her lungs for one minute.

    That way the word loses it shock value and thereafter no on can claim to have never uttered it.

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