To the person who attempts to hold down a member of my family and inject them with something against their will, if you try this I will fucking kill you.

This is a hill I will die on.

You will learn why I own “military style weapons” and lots of ammo.

I’ve read this chapter in my history books a few times and I know how it ends.

Turn around and walk away if you don’t want your liver split in half by a 55 grain bullet.

I think Carrie Buck would agree with me.

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By J. Kb

20 thoughts on “Alright Matt, let me make this perfectly clear”
    1. I like the 55gr. The 62 was intended for hard armor penetration. If armor is not a factor, the 55gr tumbles faster and causes more soft tissue damage.

      1. Lotta grains going slow or little grains going fast, works for me. Of course, lotta grains going FAST, is outa sight.

  1. It’s amazing how brave and tough these Twitter blue checks are, and how eager they are to sacrifice other people’s lives. Should this ever come to pass, Mr. Yglesias should be number one on the hit list.

    1. Sorry, but in the new era of returning to normality and respecting international law, the Nuremberg Code become obsolete at noon EST on 20 Jan 2021.

  2. “Absent politics”?? Its been said ‘politics is medicine writ large’…. Written a long time ago by someone who remains smarter than Matt while rotting away in a coffin. The same way you can tell a person’s politics accurately is their stance on vaccinations, those who feel the State should over-rule the individual make their politics all too clear and the correct course of action all too clear.

    1. I saw that, too.

      I read it and thought, “So, ‘absent politics’ you’d implement forced vaccinations for everyone, but because of politics you’ll push it only on people who don’t share your party affiliation?”

      I could just as easily adjust his statement to say: Absent religion my policy would be you either load yourself voluntarily onto the cattle car or else you get loaded later when someone with guns forces you out of your house.

      With the unspoken part being, because religion is not absent, we’ll only do it to Jews.

      I remember reading about a guy in Germany, 85-ish years ago, pushing for the same stuff. It didn’t turn out so well for him in the end.

  3. Yep, the day they come to force my wife or I to get the jab is the day I’m going down with a death guard.

  4. Toooo funny Sir!! These cyberbullies are fun aint they?? They have NO idea what Americans will do to protect thier family…

  5. Step up Matthew, I’ll wait for you. Hope you have something better the obama care. You are going to need it.

  6. Lawls. He wiped his whole Twitter history.

    Not surprising. Yglesias is a juice-box sucking moron who’s more often wrong than not.

  7. Meanwhile, over at National Review, Andrew McCarthy seems to be suggesting that if only Joe Biden would order the FDA to grant final approval to the vaccines, that would make them not-experimental and so compulsory vaccination would be just peachy.

      1. If the bureaucraps at the FDA granted full approval for a ‘vaccine’ by some form of executive order without following all previous approval protocols, they and SloJoe would find suit filed on them so fast it would make their head spin.

        And it’s likely they might be sued personally as well as in their official capacity, forcing them to pay part of the cost for legal counsel.

  8. He’ll be at Grand Valley State along with Rino David French \

  9. Regarding Yglesias’s (now retracted) forced vaccination procedure, at what point does prophylactic action qualify as self defense?

    If it fails to qualify as self defense, remember the principle of “after the first one the rest are free” and conduct oneself appropriately.

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