Alyssa Milano once again inserts foot in mouth.

As far as I have read (not much, I admit) none of the “devices” was viable or even contained an explosive. But that is not the issue as Cesar Altieri Sayoc was not a  prohibited person even though he had a LONG list of felony arrests. I don’t think he even spent misdemeanor jail time. If you go over The Gun Writer, you can read all the charges dating back to 1,991 in (where else) Broward County. I did a search in Florida’s Department of Corrections’ database and it came out bupkis. Sayoc got either adjudication withheld or nollo prosed time and time again which probably will be blamed on Trump or the NRA. .

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  1. Hard to read but it seems like the Gun Writer data indicates he got 2 year and 1 year probation sentences for felony Grand Larceny (felony) charges in 1991 and 1992. It also seems he got 1 year probation for the felony “bombing” charge in 2002. If correct, he would be a prohibited person.

    Why is it that Broward County seems to be the nexus for some many incidents recently?

  2. The solution for background checks is to ban anyone that is charged with a crime! Get rid of that silly and outmoded “Due Process” stuff. Due Process is just a cis-het patriarchal concept invented by old white men to keep women and people of color down! Kavanaugh the gang rapist hid behind due process! /sarc


    I fully expect to see this argument soon.

  3. I love how the Statists want more restrictions on everything in order to prevent selected people from obtaining specific items, and yet ignore that criminals, by definition, are willing to violate any and all laws to achieve their goals.

    I also love how the controlers assume that criminals are incapable of obtaining their tools and supplies outside of legitimate sources.

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