You, me, any normal citizen would think that if you were going to Congress and give a statement that is less than truthful (or plain lie) there would have to be some repercussions. Today and thanks to C-Span, the internet and political junkies fact-checking what is being said, it is less of a problem.

But what about 30 or 40 years ago? Here is an example in the form of the statement of Rep. Mario Biaggi (NY) in front of the 1985 Committee of the Judiciary that led to the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act:

Biaggi Cop Killer Teflon bullet

By now we The Public know that the whole thing was made up. That the Teflon had nothing to do with the penetration into soft body armor and as far as I know, not a single LEO wearing body armor was shot with Teflon Bullets much less killed.  But what called my attention was the bit about the Drug Lord arming his minions with Teflon ammunition, where did he get it? And I say this because there was only one company manufacturing this very expensive and not available for the public ammunition.

After a lot of political wrangling behind the scenes, a compromise was achieved. The original bill which demanded that any type of ammunition capable of defeating soft body armor was supposed to be banned. This was perhaps the boldest move since NFA 34 eliminate firearms from our culture (NFA 34 was originally intended to ban all handguns from civilian possession) as it would practically eliminate almost all rifle ammunition. But thanks to a lot of behind-the-curtains lobbying, it got watered down to the version we have today in the books which mimics the military standards for armor-piercing of materiel.

The controversy resurfaced for a bit with the Black Talon bullets which were identified also as Teflon-coated (it was a proprietary oxide coating called Lubalox) and basically the redneck’s version of a tactical nuke. Winchester was smart enough not to fight it, let the issue die and come back later. No legislation was passed forbidding this method or either moly-coating even though it was also compared to Teflon.  Nosler offers bullets for reloading coated in Lubalox.

But without lying, the Gun Control agenda cannot advance. I gotta find the congressional record about the Glock pistols “invisibility” to airport X-Rays. that was another fun one.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Amazing the crap Gun Control People used to get away with.”
  1. Dig up the hype about Black Talon ammo, that is almost downright funny to read, if it weren’t such a horrific lie.

    One MD testified that Black Talons were “…being designed to explode inside a person like a thousand razor blades, (with) most people having almost no chance of survival.”

    Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY) said the ammo “It’s designed to rip your guts out!”

    And another MD (whose exact quote I can’t find right now) testified that the Black Talons were dangerous to doctors because the expanded bullets were so sharp they would slice though a surgeon’s gloves and expose the surgeon to pathogens during removal.

    Not one honest, non-hyperbolic statement was every made about that ammo, ever.

        1. That was also Di-Fi. She was referring to “incendiary bullets” (i.e. tracers) which in her mind have a heat-seeking tip that cooks the deer from the inside after being shot.

          1. Heres a video about NY trying to ban Browning’s Dating Service.
            Same thing about the heat-seeking, meat-cooking, explosive ammo that has DI-FI all frothing at the mouth.

  2. The Washington Post described the Glock as a “gun only a terrorist could love”. Then, a few years later, when the D.C. police adopted (guess what?) they reported it without comment. Remember the “police officers are getting gunned down with Uzis” theme in the 80’s? The FBI later reported that there was one officer killed (in Puerto Rico) with an Uzi during the entire decade.

  3. Didn’t Winchester just leave off the coating, and rebrand Black Talons as Ranger-T, with a picture of a police badge on the box?

    So it’s ok for police to have these terrible, awful, no-good bullets… as long as they’re not painted black?

    1. You are thinking of the SXT ammo, the joke of course is that SXT stands for Same eXact Thing. But the design was changed a little bit, for the better. The old Black Talon ammo would clog if if shot thought 4 layers of denim. To be fair, the Black Talon was one of the first “premium” JHP loads and a lot has been learned about bullet design since they came out. So when the SXT was released, the opening of the hollow point (meplat) was increased a little bit to make it less prone to failing when passing through denim.

      I’m sure if the name had got been tainted, the SXT would be sold as Talon 2.0 or something like it.

      The Ranger-T is a similar bullet, but the loading is different. It isn’t SAAMI 9mm but 9mm NATO, for 99.9% of guns that makes no difference, but the NATO loading is slightly higher pressure and is a touch faster than standard pressure 9mm. The Ranger-T is also available in +P+ where SXT is only available in +P.

    2. Of course! The “no black” rule applies to guns, too.

      Take a standard Remington 700 with decent glass. If it’s stainless or blued with wood furniture, it’s a deer rifle, a hunter’s gun, a sporting firearm. But if the metal is blued (i.e. blackened) and the furniture is black composite (which some say is ideal for moist, humid climes), suddenly the same bolt-action rifle is a ZOMGEVILSNIPERRIFLE!!1!11!!!

      The exception is AR and AK pattern rifles, which are always terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad, even if the AK has wood furniture or the AR is brown, green, camo, or bright pink. Unless the police have them, in which case they’re perfectly safe and acceptable “patrol rifles”.

  4. You may recall the Lethal Weapon series of Gibson movies… and Lethal Weapon 3 was all about the “cop killer bullets”. (Not that Hollyweird would be anti gun, mind you.)

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