Today I dropped by the Outpost Armory and scored a box of this:

Made famous in certain book we all know and love, they are indeed short.

I tested them with the wife’s S&W 22A and unless you manually load each in the chamber, you don’t get to shoot them.  Loading them in the magazine is a pain in the ass and the cycling is unreliable at best and downright a headache normally. But when it goes bang, it is actually loud “pop” and I do believe it will put a hurt on small varmints if necessary.

Now I need a revolver to go with this. I was thinking a Ruger Wrangler Birdshead. A six shooter retailing at $279 does not seem such a bad deal.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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19 thoughts on “Ammo found in the wild.”
  1. My mom gave me my oldest brothers Italian made Titan 22 semi auto, about fifty years ago, no idea how long he had it. Holds five rounds and I can hit a soup can lid every single time at 15 feet. Cheap little gun, but it has never failed to operate in any manner. Checked ballistics and it isn’t that much less than a long rifle round. And I can hide it in my palm, little bitty thing, but it shoots. LOL

  2. My local Walmart got a bunch of .22lr last week and I bought three boxes of 325 rounds which is the maximum you were allowed to buy. I actually went just a few days ago and they had another 30 at least boxes more. I only bought one because it was all I could afford at the time otherwise I would’ve gotten three again.

    I’ve actually started buying .22lr online. It’s ironically cheaper to buy it at a store than online.

  3. .22Short works well out of old-school single-shot rifles. Potted many a raccoon using shorts. Nice to use in a neighborhood.

  4. My dad bought an old winchester pump rifle back in the 70s. It was short with an octagonal barrel, like a youth model. It would feed those and with the 16 inch barrel it was more of a poof than a pop.. good times

  5. Yeah, as others have said, a youth model single shot RIFLE and/or an old gallery gun pump action is the bomb here. With .22 shorts it is no louder than most air rifles. With BB caps (good luck finding those anymore) there’s almost no noise although the BB caps aren’t as deadly on the vermin. I have a very old Savage pump action and it holds almost 20 of those .22 shorts. Fun times.

  6. Isn’t buying ammo just because you found some, and then deciding you need to buy a gun to shoot it from, a warning sign of addiction?

    At least that’s what my wife told me.

  7. If anyone is looking for quiet .22 ammo for urban subdivision use try this stuff:

    I had a woodpecker problem last year, tried all of the bleeding heart humane deterrences over the period of about a week, meanwhile the hole in my wood trim on my house kept growing. This was the only thing that worked. It will not cycle a semi auto, and even manual cycling from a mag can pose some feeding issues, but for single shot pest control, its great. No louder than a pellet gun.

  8. I picked up a couple boxes of the CB caps early in the current ammo famine.

    Sure wish there was a way to get them to feed through a Ruger Mark I/II/III/IV, or 10/22. New springs or what not. Single feeding isn’t that rewarding on the fun scale.

    A revolver like the Wrangler is probably the way to go.

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