Ammo Supply Measurement.

Somebody (and as a joke) calculated the amount of ammo used in the movie not counting the enemy expenditure or the mini-guns rounds. He determined that HBD (Hour(s) of Blackhawk Down) comes to 65 rounds per minute, 3,900 per hour, 93,000 per day, 187,200 for the two days.

So, anybody knows any good Black Friday ammo sales? I might need to up my ammo count to a least a shift.

If you have not read the Monster Hunter International series, you can get started via Kindle with the first volume for free. We have a Facebook group that somebody has defined as a “Book Club with a gun problem.”


9 Replies to “Ammo Supply Measurement.”

      1. I’ve actually heard the number of rounds in civilian hands estimated into the trillions, but either way, the thought make me feel warm and fuzzy.

      2. I have more than 60 rounds. 3 billion rounds for 50 million firearms owners (at low estimate) seems a little of the mark, but makes aa good cover point for argument.

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