First WTOP had to memory hole the lead rocket scientist who made the moon landing possible because we hate Nazis so much we can’t begin to contextualize history.

Then the Washington Post had to go woke on the white male culture of 1960’s NASA.

In their relentless pursuit of shitting on American history for not meeting todays standards of wokeness, The New York Times had to have its turn to ruin the moon landing.

Get passed what, exactly?

Sally Ride was the first female astronaut, the youngest astronaut, and also the first lesbian astronaut for those out there keeping count of intersectional grievance points, going into space on the space shuttle Challenger on STS-7 on June 18, 1983.

That was just over a month before I was born.  Since then, there have been 44 other female American astronauts.

Female astronauts have been a thing since before I was alive and I am turning 36 this year.

Also, what about the gender bias of the early space program?

It’s like the NYT knows shit about the first Astronaut selection program.

Early astronaut requirements were:

Basically, those 1959 requirements were: Less than 40 years
of age; less than 5ft. 11 inches tall; excellent physical condition;
bachelor’s degree or equivalent in engineering; qualified jet pilot; graduate of test pilot school, and at least 1500 hours of flying time.

Test pilot school required combat experience.

Our astronauts were doing what nobody had done before and they wanted people who could function under extreme pressure.  That meant experienced military veterans, all officers.

So the gender bias of the astronaut program was a direct result of the gender bias of not letting women be combat pilots in WWII and Korea.

As far as I can tell, there is no purpose for this article except to shit on the Apollo missions by 2019 woke standards.  But that is what amounts to journalism today.  It adds nothing useful to the discussion but allows shit-ass grievance studies majors to feel big by tearing down the accomplishments of greater men they could never hope to measure up to.





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By J. Kb

7 thoughts on “And now it’s the NYT’s turn to sh*t on one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century”
  1. Sally Ride was the first female US astronaut. Before her, there was Valentina Tereshkova.
    Apart from that small detail, I agree with your points.

  2. I thought about it real hard, for about 0.001 seconds, and, I’ll be darned, I had no problem whatsoever moving beyond the gender bias of the Apollo Program.

  3. Who cares? A journalism school grad wouldn’t be able to work the math on the rocket equation, let alone plot a transfer orbit.

    (I admit I lean heavily on MechJeb for that, but I did once have the math skills….)

  4. Woke culture HAS to mock, criticize, and downplay the great achievements of previous generations. It is an excuse for not being able to exceed, match, or even just come short of great accomplishments.
    So, it’s classic Sour Grapes for them.

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