Including a slew of lies.

He “opened his soul” so we could see how much he is suffering and we pity him into forgiveness. And that is not even a decent performance, but it should be enough to start his pat to P.R. redemption.

Bubba, you had a single action gun. That means you not only pulled the trigger but you had to cock it before that.

He won’t be serving any jail time. He won’t be suffering any legal or civil consequences. And he will probably be hosting the Oscars or at least presenting an award in the future.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “And so it begins: Saving the career of Alec Baldwin whatever the cost.”
  1. A great example of how little value hollywierd elites have for human life. He probably wrote the families a huge check and everyone is happy

  2. Crime me a river you, lying bastard. His demented friends in Hollyweird might believe him but not the rest of America

  3. He either has a bad lawyer, no lawyer or is it listening to his lawyer. He needs to keep on talking and digging that hole he is in.

  4. That demon cursed handgun pointed itself at those people and then discharged itself, so you see your honor, I’m innocent.

  5. Baldwin isn’t under oath when he is talking to George Snaffalopogous. Of course he is lying. Remember watching Gaige Grosskreutz lying his ass off on MSNBC 24 hours after his nationally broadcast SWORN testimony in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

    Damn right Alec Baldwin is going to lie his ass off on ABC TV, and the useless corrupt idiot George Shittopolous will nod his head as Georgie listens to the blatant lies,commiserates with the poor innocent Alec Baldwin, and never, ever asks a challenging question.

    Hair Trigger Tempered Alec Baldwin will blame it all on the gun that killed “his good friend Whatser Name,” that he only met a few weeks before. He never aimed it at her, so the evil bullet that was shot from his holstered gun suddenly unexplicably changed direction several times to hit her center mass, amazingly like someone had aimed the gun right at her. But Alec doesn’t know how it happened, because he never, ever pointed the gun at her, and he never, ever practiced cocking the gun, and he never, ever pulled the trigger. Not even once.

    Alec Baldwin didn’t really mean it to happen! It was all that bastard Donald Trump, and that evil cowboy gun!

  6. Guns that shoot themselves and red SUV’s that become sentient and drive themselves through crowds without any human action.

    Strange times we’re living in.

    1. Yeah …. This is not quite matching my mental picture of the rise of Skynet. It’s more like an episode of Futurama.

  7. “That means you not only pulled the trigger but you had to cock it before that.”

    Unless the idiot assistant director / producer / whatever cocked it before handing it to him. A possibility, but not an excuse by any means.

  8. Not impossible.

    So incredibly unlikely that I do not believe it for a moment. But, not technically impossible.

    Besides, it is possible he does not remember pulling the trigger, even though he did pull it. That is why you keep your finger off the trigger until the gun is on target. Small movements of the finger can result in large movements of the hammer.

    Not excusing him, but he may be 100% convinced that he did not pull the trigger.

    Or, his lawyer is actually pretty smart. (Leaning toward that.)

    If he can establish a complete lack of intent, and point to a lack of training/education, the severity of the charge he gets convicted of can be reduced. (IANAL warning)

    1. I don’t see why intent is relevant, and I don’t believe anyone has argued intent. Negligence doesn’t depend on intent.

      The way I see it, for him to argue that he wasn’t negligent requires him to make the case that — even though he’s long been a rabid “gun safety advocate” (i.e., victim disarmer) he is utterly unaware and has never encountered the Gun Safety 101 rules of gun safety. And no one in his movie career ever mentioned them to him, not any of the real (as opposed to gun bunny) armorers he worked with.

      Good luck with that.

      If he does try that, it would really help establish the fact that “gun safety advocates” don’t have a f***ing clue.

  9. Cocking and pulling the trigger don’t convey guilt in this instance, for reasons beaten to molecules in past posts.

    But Baldwin obviously lying about both actions purely for sympathy underlines what a total flaming bag of shit he is as a human being. Fuck him with Michelle Obama’s dick.

    I’m guessing his lawyer had a stroke, and was therefore unable to execute the flying neck tackle response such a jackassical TV appearance would engender.

    The more Baldwin flaps his cakehole, instead of shutting up for about ten years, the less I’d mind the miscarriage of justice criminally convicting him would require.

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