….and the Gun Controllers lost their minds (Zimmerman’s Gun Auction)

I went ahead and checked the Facebook Pages of the usual suspects. At posting time, only Moms Demand and CSGV had anything up so I went with them.

What did I find? Well the usual wishes for the unnatural death of George Zimmerman and some new stuff. Some people wanted George to be auctioned which coming from Liberal Idjits is surprising that they forgot that auction was the preferred method of obtaining slaves.  I did not see anybody being triggered by that faux pas.

I also saw demands for  confiscation of both the gun and the money it may get and the monies to be redistributed. One idiot (which I suspect is from Irish extraction) actually thinks her ancestors were better off staying home and starving. One was amazed that Self Defense is legal in Florida. but the best is CSGV’s admission that they will not  turn down the rhetoric against Gun Owners.

Lovely bunch of caring people who respect the Constitution deeply., I tell ya.

Zimmerman Gun CSGV
Zimmerman Gun Moms Demand

There you go. Now, if you excuse me, I have to go with decontamination procedures.

11 Replies to “….and the Gun Controllers lost their minds (Zimmerman’s Gun Auction)”

  1. I actually find this unsurprising in the least. The bulk of legal gun owners I know are live-and-let-live types, cautious but otherwise civil and caring. This pair of screencaps pretty much verifies my long-standing analysis that Leftwads are an uncivil bunch that have little compunction against maiming and torturing those who oppose their cherished worldviews, either by way of legal processes or otherwise criminal actions.

    Seriously, one of them wants to buy the pistol and use it to blow his junk off? That is not the intended course of action of an otherwise sane person, doubly so that she is on that conclusion based on willing refutation of the facts of the case involved.

    Some days, I fear that America is rapidly headed towards sociopathic tendency at the individual level, and posts like CSGV’s and MDA’s supporters do naught but reinforce that fear.

  2. The folks at TMZ believe Zimmerman is a homicidal maniac. Lots of uninformed misinformation bandied about. They even used St. Trayvon’s sixth grade picture.

    They also mentioned that Gun Brokers took down the bid, but another gun auction site picked it up today.

    1. It’s also a justifiable homicide from day one with a brief hiatus as the story turned political…and then justice was served.

      Facts are meaningless. Hell LOGIC is meaningless to them.

      Can we all agree that George is not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree?

      If so, how was this dummy able to outsmart the entire enforcement and judicial system.

      But then again Lucia McBath works for Bloomberg, and nobody seems to care that the man who murdered her son legitimately claimed Stand Your Ground (something Zimmerman never did) and will be dying in Prison…..

      1. with a brief hiatus as the story turned political

        You can thank Benjamin Crump, lawyer and friend of Sabrina Fulton (TM’s mom) who decided to politicize the investigation.
        There was a small article somewhere that I forgot to bookmark, but explained that the whole thing was just to get Mr. Crump was vying for a position of judge in one of the circuit courts and those are appointed by the Fl Governor. The article said he was probably looking for enough limelight with the case so his nomination would be a shoo-in. Fightert of the Civil Rights of the little people and all that…but the case went south on him.
        He did not get the judgeship and rumors were that he was told why too.

  3. I’ve said it before, these Facebook collages are my favorite posts to read on this website, and CSGV never lets me down.

    If I still had a Facebook account, I’d be sure to let them know that I feel that “Stand Your Ground” laws should be expanded. I’d be banned from their page and the comment scrubbed, but it’s the little things in life, you know?

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