You know they will always blame the JOOOOOOOOSSSSSS!!!!


I would like to see if I get the situation in New Zealand right now, right.

If a person in New Zealand possess a copy of the shooter’s video, he will go to jail for 14 years.

If a person in New Zealand posses a copy of the shooter’s manifesto, he will go to jail for 10 years.

If a person blames Israel and the Jews for the shooting, he gets a standing ovation in the streets.

And just exactly how can a rational person in New Zealand counter this antisemitic conspiracy theory?

Oh, that’s right, he fucking can’t because if he tries and explains the shooter’s motives and quotes the shooter’s manifesto, he gets to go to fucking jail.

This is the absolute perfect climate to for a conspiracy theory to fester and become gangrenous.

The Truth is banned but the Islamist Jew hatred is shouted out of a fucking bullhorn.

Thanks New Zealand, great fucking job you guys.


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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “And there went any sympathy I might have had… Update”
  1. Even when it is an absurdity, they will attack the sons and daughters of Abraham.

    Of course no one comments when the usual order of the day is for one flavor of Moslem to mass murder other flavors of Moslem.

    The Hamas Charter Article 22, blames Jews for fomenting WWI and WWII. Lots of people don’t know that.

    This is merely more of the same.

    I am with you Brother

  2. Is it really any different here in the US?

    Some freshman congress critter spews Antisemitism, and her party decides to issue a resolution against antisemitism, which actually ends up being some kind of an apology to islam.

    A muslim kills dozens in a nightclub, all while shouting allah akbar, and politicians bend over backwards to say this has nothing to do with islam. But if a right wing nut job racist shoots nine people in a church, all people right of Nancy Pelosi have to unify in denouncing that person’s action.

    Frankly, i am getting tired of islam/muslims being some kind of protected class. If you are offended by something I said… bummer. Deal with it.

    Interesting tidbit about the Hamas charter, when in reality, the Nazis worked closely with muslims before and during WWII.

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