Via Pat Roger’s Facebook page, the take-down of the Kosher market in Paris:

At 00:44, one of the terrorists tries to escape via the front door.  His last on a long line of mistakes.

Pat Rogers ties it nicely with this comment:

As in the EAG motto.
Shoot him until he changes shape or catches fire.

On the sad side of things, the video shows a body of a male as they were rolling up the gate. Probably shot when the terrorists took over the market but the info is still unclear at this time. (7:20 pm)

It is over…..till next time

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By Miguel.GFZ

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13 thoughts on “And this is how you smoke terrorists. (Graphic content)”
  1. Not quite over yet. As of now (5:10 pm PST, 8:10 pm EST), the kosher market terrorist’s girlfriend is still at large, and considered armed and dangerous.

    I’ve been covering it over here.

    The solidarity shown from other nations and other cartoonists has been inspiring, and I applaud the French police for tracking these bastards down relatively quickly.

  2. Look at that mess… eleventyhundred tac-cops stacked up either side, and ONE… ONE brave dude makes entry…the rest shoot from the store front…Fucking French…

  3. It’s not going to be over until Islam reforms itself (as in the Christian Reformation) or we exterminate them. I greatly prefer the 1st solution.

  4. Am I the only one who laughed and giggled like a child when the dude tried to escape into the line of cops and in classic Hollywood fashion, is blown apart like a ragdoll by what I imagine a hail of 9mm from all those pistols by the cops who…most of em seem to be equipped with a heavy ballistic shield.

    Regardless, Bravo. Get the bastards.

  5. Note that he was dressed just like the Tac-Team. All black clothing, just like the Charlie Hebdo assassination team. Is he a terrorist or a police officer? A salesman walked out of the printing plant thinking he had talked to two policemen, not the terrorists armed with AK-47s.

    I wonder, if he would have been smarter, he possibly could have hidden, and walked out in the chaos looking like a cop? Was that what he was trying to do? His female accomplice did escape in the confusion.

  6. And if that happened here, the ferguson protard types would be screamin about how bad guy was walking out, cops didn’t need to shoot him. I’m surprised they haven’t already. I wonder if there is a line even those fools won’t cross.

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