is my brand and has been since 2008. Good or bad, I am responsible for what is being published under it and I have dealt consequences for mistakes made before and carried on.

But this one has gone too far:

The advocacy of sending anybody to a gulag camp and stealing their money is not acceptable under any circumstances in this blog. NONE.

I do not give a damn if it was sarcasm, joke, titillation or clickbait, it simply is a Mortal Sin.

“When people say they are going to kill you/send you to camp, take them at their word.”

How many times through the years I have posted this concept in the blog I am not sure, but probably a lot. It hurt me to no end to see that idiocy published under my brand.

This is something I can’t take back and nobody can. So, the only thing I can do is making sure this stops right here and that means shooting the horse in the head.


I told AWA to lock J.Kb. out of publishing anything else here and to start lockdown procedures. I have requested that he returned control of the Twitter/X account. J Kb. is free to express whatever his heart desires, just not under

Other than AWA’s shutdown updates, anything else published after this post does not represent the foundational principles of this blog, nor has my support or are authorized by me.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has been a memorable ride. But now it has come to its end.

My social media presence will be at MiguelGGG (@MiguelGGG12) / X. Email should still be working for a while at least.

My eternal thanks to all of you who read, shared, contributed and even gave me crap.

Maybe we will continue in another realm.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

37 thoughts on “And we have arrived at the end of the road. The Blog is closing.”
  1. Sorry that this happened. We all need to consider what we are saying before we say it; including me. I’ll miss this blog.

  2. Thank you, Miguel, for everything over the years you have shared. This blog has been an ongoing source of amusement, news and information, and insight; and it has led to me questioning my attitudes and opinions more than once. I will miss it, a long with a number of the “regulars” here in the peanut gallery.

  3. Miguel, as someone who has successfully fought Leftist my entire life and prevailed, I kindly suggest that you should not end a work which has the track record of achievements that this blog currently has. Use this ‘challenge’ and turn it around, essentially using as a platform, a foundation, upon which to present the truth—taking disorder as a gift, and working with it until it is ordered correctly and then publishing it as a gift to all who ‘can listen’.
    A loose cannon is nothing more than a teaching tool upon which success can be taught, causing it to excel for the benefit of the wise. The Good Guys don’t stop fighting for the cause which they are committed to die for.
    I am your brother in arms.
    If you do close anyway, I want you to know that this blog was worth far more than I paid.

  4. Miguel – This blog is one of the reasons I get up in the morning – It is a source of sanity in a world gone crazy – Please take Lawful2Shoot’s advice – fall back – regroup – and attack in force – if not – Via Con Dias

  5. Very sorry to see GFZ go. It will be sorely missed. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for whatever Awa and Hagar create, and, Miguel, I hope you’ll be back in another venue someday soon.

  6. Dang it. This is one of the few blogs, along with Wirecutter, BayouRenMan, OldNFO and BCE that are my daily reads. You, personally, have touched a lot of people’s lives, Miguel. Including mine.

  7. DAMN. One of the few places that had some sanity. I liked the blog, A LOT. A lot of use are going to hate to see it go.
    Good luck in all your future endeavors.

  8. Miguel,

    Thanks for keeping this blog going through thick and thin. I understand and respect your decision but am very sorry to feel you need to leave blogging. Your blog is one I’ve followed and supported for many years and I will miss it.

  9. I would have thought J.KB supporting the assault of female missionaries by jews as being over the top. But considering how I was attacked for pointing that out, I’ll end with, ‘karma motherfucker’!

  10. I hate to see this. This blog was better than coffee for waking up in the morning. But I understand.

  11. Wow, did not expect to see this at all. Been following for years, but I guess I don’t have much to say, except to thank you for all the work you put into the blog.

  12. You will be sorely missed. I stopped commenting when I was lambasted for not leaving my family land in California (and as much as I would want to, I am not succeeding this land to a bunch of twits. Generations have fought for this land and made it work), and could see one of the group was veering from the course. I read your blog EVERY day, and it will be a hole in my informational database. But I fully support (not that you need it) your decisions.

  13. I would have thought j.kb would understand the “don’t be a dick” policy better than anyone else. There are a million things he could have said to express frustration about boomers, etc… without bringing up such imagery.
    This blog has been one of my daily go-tos for years. Please allow AWA and Hagar at least one more post to share where we can still see their posts. AWA’s legal insight (and his hard work!) has been excellent, and I really, really appreciate Hagar’s posts from the liberal side of the aisle.
    Farewell, to all. May we meet again soon.

  14. Well okay then… it’s your blog Miggy. I’ve appreciated the commentary, humor, political gruff, the addition of legal analyses and views ‘from the liberal’ over the years. Yup, I even have my honorary
    “Dickshooter’s” patch. This blogs is/was a unique place where the limits of ‘don’t be a dick’ have certainly been pushed….

    I will miss this place. AWA, let me know where you land homie – I need that legal analysis like a shot in the arm anymore….

    1. Also, I’d like to point out the checque is in Canadian Dollars, Canadian Dollar equals
      0.73 United States Dollar, so the ‘USD’ amount is 0.73*694.35 = 507…. not quite $400, but certainly less shocking than ‘>$400 per couple”

      1. Yeah, I would have gone to The Teahouse at Stanley Park instead…

        More bang for your buck, the food is excellent, beautiful sunsets, and Hornby Street can have lots of ‘unsavory characters’ in the area…

  15. I will truly miss this blog. It is/was a daily read. The legal insights and 2A updates are fantastic. I get it, don’t like it, but I get your reasoning for shutting it down. I wonder if that old advice of not making decisions around emotional issues or items, especially when angry, for 24 hrs would be applicable here. Really hate to see it go.

  16. All I can say is this depresses me. One of the few places that I can accesses this type of information and analysis. Also your perspective Miguel was unique due to your real world experience of Communism, Leftism from Venezuela. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  17. I have usually regretted making snap decisions. Proverbs 20:18. Every purpose is established by counsel; and with good advice make war. Nevertheless, if it truly is the end, good luck and Godspeed. This little corner will be greatly missed.

  18. Be well Miguel,
    Your blog will be greatly missed.
    SP RN
    (from Idaho, not too too far from
    Dickshooter Creek)

  19. Don’t let all your hard work go down in flames over a stupid X post. Think of it like a business. Fire the offending employee and keep pushing forward. Don’t burn down the building because a “employee” made the business look bad. Fire the offender, make amends and keep going. I feel it would be a shame to let that one X post define the end of GFZ.

  20. Finally. I stopped paying any attention to this blog and the X feed after he went insane, and I follow you *everywhere*.

  21. I will also miss this blog if you close it. I had a bit of a flashback to the Sipsy Street Irregulars, and I hope you can find a way to keep this blog going. This is one of the first places I check in the morning and I’m almost always surprised at the variety of information I find here.

    I hope you guys can work it out.

  22. Frankly I’m surprised THIS was the final straw when he’s already used this very blog to declare that pro life women deserve to be violently raped for their insolence of having a political stance he disagreed with.

    Still sad to things end in such a way though, I’ve been following GFZ almost since you started it.
    Good luck with whatever future endeavors you have planned.

  23. Unfortunate so see and hear. Only blog I care to read.
    Can I get my $200 back until we know the future direction of the blog?

  24. I surely can’t “like” this in the traditional sense, but kudos to you, Miguel. Not only for your creation and stewardship, but also the tough decisions. I’m glad to have participated here and to have been an (ir)regular supporter.

  25. JKB (or however he writes it) went off the rails many years ago. He obviously has anger issues and cannot control himself. I used to read this blog daily until about 3 years back. Just couldn’t take his BS anymore. I ended up checking in maybe weekly and then only to read Miguel’s posts. But yeah, in this day and age it’s easy enough to cut him out and start over if you need to. And as others have stated, he’s posted much worse before. But if this is your final straw, then it’s your final straw. My final straw with him was years back.

  26. It is the captain’s responsibility to correct the ship when it goes off course. Not to say ‘”f-it” and scuttle the ship. this is very disappointing.

  27. WW II history covered the Nazi’s putting Jews on the trains and sending them to the camps. US put people of Japanese heritage into camps. 99% of people claimed they would have stood up in protest and stopped it. In the last 5 years or so, that has been proven to be a lie. JkB proved he’s a loser and any group he feels aggrieved must be shipped off.

  28. I’m reminded when L. Neil Smith had a comic strip as one of the features of his weekly blog (at At one point his illustrator went rogue, creating an explicitly antisemitic image as part of the art for that week.

    Neil’s action: he crossed out his name from the “by x and y” line on that strip, blocked the artist, and terminated the strip. But not the blog.

    In the case we have here, there’s an unacceptable post on X. So it is obvious to block the author of that post. And it might be reasonable to delete the X account (instead of just deleting the offending post).

    What I don’t understand is how this affects the blog. I don’t use X at all (other than occasionally following links to it that others post here and elsewhere). Perhaps for that reason, perhaps just the way I’m constructed, I don’t see how misbehavior on X has anything to do with the blog, even though the X account name and the blog name are similar. So what I would argue for is to keep the blog going, with updated authorship and policies, since it isn’t the X account and can/should be treated as separate.

  29. Sorry to hear this, but understand completely. You’ve had a helluva run my friend. Best wishes for you and your lovely lady!

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