As Michael Bane states in his latest podcast, we are in a war. I already pointed out that we need to join the NRA, SAF and whatever other nation wide and your local state organization available.

We also need to contact our elected representatives in Congress. May I direct your attention to the Home Page of this blog where in the top right you will see a less than imaginative envelope icon which will direct you to the NRA-ILA’s Write Your Reps page. There you can search for your Senators and congress person and their ways to contact them.

Write them a letter, Call Them, Fax Them & E-Mail them. Do them all. This is a war of noise and numbers and the opposition has the Media in its pocket. We have the numbers but we have to demonstrate it by inundating our Reps with all types of contact.

Ne nice but be firm. State that we do not want any more Gun Control Laws or any more restrictions to our Second Amendment. And ask them to get a response via mail or on paper or both. Those can be used to put further pressure on your reps. and their fellow Chamber Dwellers.

We have a very tough fight ahead, but I do have the feeling if we win this one, it will be so cataclysmic to the Opposition, we have a good chance to see them disappear like a wet witch into the floorboards.

PS: Also, If you are already a member of all the Gun Rights Organizations, instead of hoarding more ammo, invest the money saved from a box and buy someone a membership in the NRA. For $25 dollars, you are adding up the numbers we can present to Congress. Hey, if you were thinking of buying that Used G.I. AR Mag for $100, use that money and get memberships for FOUR friends or family that are not NRA members.

Get going, Time is A’wasting!


VERY IMPORTANT UPDATE!: head on to Fill Yer Hand Blog and get the amazing rebates to join the NRA. $20 year membership and $300 for Life Membership.
Damn…that is a great price for a Life time membership… Dear gods of the Lotto… hear my cry!

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “And what are you doing for your Rights? (W/ very important update)”
  1. I have been leaving the “write your reps” page of the NRAILA open on my computer at work all day.

    I have a prewritten message for both state reps and federal reps on two separate tabs. All people have to do is fill in their info and click send. I have gotten most of my office to send them a letter.

    It’s not a lot, but if everyone does this kind of thing, we can beat these a-holes!

      1. Thank you, sir! I do as much as I can. I’m a first time NRA member as of last week as well 🙂

        I want to at least say I tried to fight the problem with words before resorting to my rifle.

  2. Thanks for the link to the discount, on payday I’ll sign up me and the wife for a year. Wish I had the money to grab that life membership right now.

    Time for over caffeinated letters to my reps!

    Don’t worry, they’ll be polite, just excited polite. 😀

  3. Had an interesting moment with my congress critter after work today. Called all those maroons in DC, in fact. Anyway, CONgress-critter asked if I wanted a reply. Told him, yah- you can reply by voting ‘no’ on any and all gun control issues. ‘But do you want a response?’ he asked again.

    ‘Yes- you can vote ‘no’ on any and all gun control issues. THAT is your response and the only response I need. Get it?’

    Don’t think he did. They don’t seem to be too brite in that area.

  4. I joined today, with some reservations, but Old Ben had it right: we must all hang together, or we will assuredly all hang separately.

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