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Congresswoman Barbara Lee represents California’s 13th district, which is mostly Oakland and the Bay Area.

She believes that the Republicans are going to try and cheat their way into victory in 2020, because projection.

So she wants the UN to oversee our elections like third world shit-hole nations.

Who would oversee our elections in 2020 from the UN?  How about Sudan, Libya, Venezuela, Somalia, nations with a record of reliable elections and peaceful transfers of power.

Who would be the boots on the ground for this poll watching?  The uniformed and unaccountable serial child rapists of the Pakistani UN Peacekeeping Forces.

Lee can want the UN to patrol polling stations and intimidate voters, the way Democrats got the Klan to do back in the day.

I just think she underestimates the Americans I know.

The only thing they would love more than voting for Trump to piss of some California Democrats is to have to shoot their way through a bunch of Blue Helmets to cast their  vote.

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By J. Kb

3 thoughts on “Another Democrat seeking political help from rapists”
  1. “We need more foreigners to vote for us!” Is what I hear. In California.

    Where have I heard that before?

  2. I recall she was the ONLY DAMN representative to vote against attacking Afghanistan to get OBL right after 9-1-1. F—ing traitor and America-hater.

    She had the temerity to attend a July Fourth parade the next year. I turned my back to her to show my disgust. I would have made an obscene gesture, but my wife and daughter were present.

    She can shove the entire corrupt and inept UN up her back end for all I care.

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