It happened following a gun-rights rally on the steps of the Washington statehouse. A dozen or so armed protestors gathered in the House gallery. One man had his finger near the trigger of a loaded pistol.

That’s when State Patrol Lieutenant Mike Eggleston stepped in.

“That’s a tactical carry of a weapon and this is a place of government,” Eggleston said to Jason McMillon. McMillon argued that he couldn’t safely sling the pistol over his shoulder.

via Tense Moments As Gun Rights Rally Spills Into Washington House Gallery | KUOW News and Information.

So why in the name of Anubis Red Panties did you think it was a good idea to be fingerf***ing you cut-down-from-rifle pistol? And dressed like a Dollar Store version of Blade Runner’s Rick Decard?

Do everybody a favor, go home, post against the NRA in your twitter feed and eat Cheetos. Let the adults do lobby work.

Update: I just got the info that this gent and some others doing the same BS were a bunch of Johnny-Come-Latelys-Ridding-Coatatils who made it hard if not impossible for the good people to do their jobs because all the attention went to the Tactical Prima Donas instead of those who were serious about reversing I-594.

Update 2: This version of “Twilight” with guns being visited by Army Surplus Store Bane were also with Blade Runner. Washington OC Idiots


Some people have insinuated that these idiots are not really Pro-Gun but saboteurs paid for by Bloomberg… I am still gonna go with Hanlon’s Razor but they sure make the case for the use of a tin foil helmet.


Oy Vey


Update 3: Seriously, can they be any dumber? WTF are you doing manipulating the damn rifle?

When Morons attack.
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

7 thoughts on “Another entry for the “STOP HELPING” files. (UPDATED)”
  1. That was Barron’s Rally, but decidedly NOT Barron’s people, with Joe Huffman and others doing the real work and these damn clowns filling all the headlines. I’ll see if I can find you the link for the AP story that ran here in Portland, complete with this guy carrying his weapon at ready through the front damn door, and another guy actively handling his MSR in the Capitol while wearing a gas-mask. He looked like a second rate goon in a crappy action movie.

  2. “Deckard; B-26354” One of the all time best movies.

    Ignorant people cycling their rifles, handling them, dropping mags, inserting mags, unfolding stocks, etc. ALL BAD FORM IN PUBLIC.
    They should switch to holstered pistols to express their open carry allegiance instead of fondling their rifles. Gonna end up with a negligent discharge, or a rookie cop dropping someone SWATs someone at a 2A rally.

    1. To be perfectly frank, I consider tomfoolery like that to be pretty bad form in a private setting. If these guys were on my property acting like that, I would have them removed IMMEDIATELY, and probably by force.

  3. We’re about to have a very large open carry/concealed carry event in Richmond.

    The VCDL attends Lobby Day where anyone can meet with Delegates.

    The Capitol even has a speed line for those carrying….no metal detectors.

    NONE of this idiocy is allowed.

    We have people carrying those AR pistols…they keep them slung, etc.

    We have a great relationship with our politicians.

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