This Tweet from gubernatorial loser, Wendy Davis:


Then this response:


First, I’d like to point out how Steps 1 and 2 are felonies, each gun purchased to be abandoned at a minority community center is a straw man purchase.  So much for this asshole knowing existing gun laws.

Second, Steps 3 and 4 are his projecting his racism onto Republicans.  He hates the idea of minorities having and carrying guns.  He wants to ban minorities from having guns.  He can’t come out and say that so he projects it onto Republicans.

This guy is a “proud Betocrat.”

Every single white Leftist is a white supremacist.  The Democrats have been that way since they were founded.  They were the original white supremacist party.  They created the Klan.

They haven’t changed, they still believe the same horrible shit they always believed – such as black people should not own guns – they just don’t come out and say it directly anymore, they project it.


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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Another Leftist, this one from Texas, projects his grotesque racism onto Conservatives as a virtue signal”
  1. They keep tossing that out, based on Reagan’s signing of the Mulford Act in California.

    Never mind that most gun owners nowadays repudiate the Mulford Act and view it as a constitutional violation.

  2. They “abolished “ the 2A…….. not yet stupid… they just upheld it. Another asshole tryin to be intelligent by showing you he knows nothing about the Constitution.. yay for Texas, that makes 21 states I believe

  3. I disagree that his plan is a straw purchase. Under the GCA, gifts are permitted, and such a purchase would be a “gift” as long as the person receiving the firearm didn’t provide any compensation to the purchaser.
    However, this would still be illegal IMO because the gift giver was giving firearms to possible prohibited persons.

  4. Csum is suffering under the strain of the ‘White Man’s Burden’. Poor kids are just as smart as white kids.

  5. Wendy Davis is still around here?

    Wow, no class. Most slink back into the shadows after being curb-stomped politically a few times.

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