I saw this an went through this person’s Twitter account.  I really wanted to determine if this was legitimate or trolling.

I am having a real Poe’s Law moment because I can’t tell if this is a very good parody account or a completely deranged human.

I am leaning in the direction of completely deranged because her bio says “Secular Jewish Woman” which is a detail not many trolls would include.

So I will take this a face value:

Yes, having government thugs restrain parents while their children have chemicals forced into their bodies against their will.  Where have I seen that before?

And it is particularly grotesque coming from a Jewish woman.

This is not a path they want to go down.

I’d normally say something along the lines of “they better send single men” but not anymore.  They are not prepared for what will happen if they go this far.  Force chemicals into my children against my will and I will return the favor.

I don’t want the bureaucrat worrying that he won’t return home to his children.  I want the bureaucrat to worry that at the end of his shift he will go home to the burned remains of his house with his family’s bodies lying in the yard.

What will be done to the bureaucrats that cross this line would make William Tecumseh Sherman say “that’s fucked up.”

I know I am not alone in this.


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By J. Kb

26 thoughts on “Another reason I own guns- forced vaccination edition”
    1. Does not matter if it is satire or not.

      The tweets will get retweeted thousands of time, get hundreds of thousands of likes, and someone will decide that it is really the will of the people.

      Take this very seriously. Very seriously.

  1. No. Not ever. That’s shameful. We fight the ones responsible, not children. We out monsters like this and let them experience the consequences. We resist government traitors to their oaths however necessary. But we never hurt children.

  2. I honestly can’t tell if this woman is (a) a satire, (b) serious, or (c) edgelording (saying stuff for the sake of shock value).

    Soon it might not matter.

  3. One could say it’s parody but otoh, that dem in IL who tweeted the ‘self defense’ comment regarding Waukesha isn’t the only one I’ve seen.

  4. Say it is satire. And so?

    As Michael Bane puts it, it is still chumming for monsters. There will be some people who read it, and want to see it happen “for-reals.”

    And have we not seen this happen already in Australia?

  5. And the former head of the childhood vaccination program in Tennessee *still* doesn’t understand why people were so upset with her plan to have covid vaccines administered in public schools without parental notice.

    She thinks she was unfairly fired for it.

  6. I’ll accept the death shot, when they dig my dead body out of the pile of hot brass, not a second before. If they manage to get to me before I get to them, I will be hunting within minutes.

  7. We have word for “Jewish” people like that, Kapo.
    The quotes around Jewish are because any Sanhedrin hearing that Kapo shit would excommunicate in a heartbeat.

  8. Be careful this account was retweeting the Georgia scrapbooker who stated we shouldn’t let black people vote till they are reeducated. Could be trolls or something more sinister.

  9. Don’t be silly.

    First, you’d want to hunt down the actual vaccinators.
    Probably shouldn’t kill them outright, though.
    Go all Apocalypse Now on them instead:
    Neat little piles of their severed arms. Both of them, apiece.
    That way, everyone would know what they did to the end of their days.
    Most would survive, for some value of that word.
    Leave just enough of a stump to get a tourniquet around, and move on.
    Bonus: Zero recidivism.

    Then work up the food chain from the roots, until you got to the top of the tree.

    The message delivery would be the clarity of crystal.

    1. https://cbradleythompson.substack.com/p/the-fundamental-issue-of-our-time

      “For it is correct to take care of the young first, so that they will be the best possible, just as a good farmer properly takes care of the young plants first, and after this of the others as well.”

      –Socrates in Plato’s Euthyphro

      Over the course of the last eighteen months, parents around the country have been showing up to school board meetings to express their concerns about a wide range of topics, including dissatisfaction with COVID-related school closings, remote learning, vaccine and mask mandates, and, most importantly, with the teaching of Critical Race and Gender Theory in the government schools. These school board meetings have been sometimes raucous affairs, where parents have expressed outrage at what is or is not happening in their kids’ schools. School board members have been subjected to withering public criticism and condemnation.

      America’s moms and dads are mad as hell, and, apparently, they’re not going to take it anymore. They have risen up to assert their rights as taxpayers and their first amendment rights to assemble and speak their minds. More fundamentally, though, they are also asserting their rights as parents.

      In reaction to this spontaneous, grassroots rébellion des parents, America’s Ruling Class has been forced to reveal for the first time its deepest philosophic and political commitments.

      Who Has the Right to Educate America’s Children?………………………

  10. The late Rush Limbaugh made much of the Democrats’ propensity to shit-stir with their clamor “we must investigate because the possibility is so important” and to Hell with the absence of any evidence whatsoever.

    One might term such action a “prophylactic investigation” and circumstances in which it’s possible it might be, somehow, remotely, maybe, warranted (things like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and November 3, 2020 come to mind……)

    Well, anyway, goose, gander, etc. If we’re into the realm of “prophylactic” actions, how about not waiting until there are storm troopers with hypodermic needles at our doors and we start “resolving the problem” right now?

    And, I’m in full and complete agreement with you – we can start by teaching Billy T. Sherman’s ghost some “Holy Shit” lessons. I like Aesop’s basic approach, but merely severing the arms and leaving the mouths operational seems counterproductive unless we want to see them blathering on news programs 24X7; armless corpses posed for effect on the front lawns of burned houses with dead families inside sends the same message (and, before you recoil in horror at that, stop and think of that they’ll do to your family if they’re ordered to).

  11. Personally I think she’s trolling but as stated above it doesn’t matter as this will encourage others. Here is her latest…

    why is everyone misconstruing what I am trying too say, I am not looking for a fight, I am looking for a debate and so far the only thing people here have too offer is mean words and very explicit threats on my life, maybe its a miscommunication maybe it isn’t, but its gross.

  12. About Pearl Harbor-the radar crew up on the hill called in a warning-twice, and were told not to worry about it. That radar set has been restored and is in a museum somewhere.
    Lesson the second. Everyone should know at least a little 20th century Russian literature.

  13. I’m going to vote “serious, not troll”.

    There’s a progressive guy locally, basically called for a full on police state on his BookFace. He didn’t call it that, but what else would you call “powerful cameras on every square inch and well paid good law enforcement”. Because Kenosha or something.

    Awful human beings exist.

  14. Yes, having government thugs restrain parents while their children have chemicals forced into their bodies against their will. Where have I seen that before?

    Paging Dr. Mengele, Paging Dr. Mengele. And No being a “Secular Jewish Woman” won’t save you when the Gestapo knocks on you door.

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