Zerlina Maxwell is a Progressive contributor to SiriusXM and MSNBC.

She decided to respond to a Fox and Friends clip about gun ownership with this vapid Tweet:

These assholes really need to make up their minds about AR’s.

Are they “weapons of war that don’t belong on our streets” or are they toys that are useless in combat against equipped military troops?

Also, it really is both telling and grotesque just how excited these people sound at the idea of the US military using every conceivable weapon including drones, tanks, and helicopter gunships against American civilians.

If you suggested for a moment that the US should employ the fully armed and equipped 82nd Airborne and Reapers against MS-13 coming over the border illegally, they would go apoplectic calling it a crime against humanity.

But suggest US should employ the fully armed and equipped 82nd Airborne and Reapers against gun owners in Middle America and they become aroused.

The Left has never met an enemy they wanted to unleash the full destructive fury of the United States military with the best weapons the US military-industrial complex can come up with on more than flyover country Conservatives.

They love the idea of Americans dying clinging to their big box store AR, droned or gunned down by US troops.

It is the ultimate way that they can vicariously enjoy what Orwell described as “The intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

You can tell that in every Tweet or Facebook post on this topic.  This one was no different.



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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Another “your AR is useless against the military” Lefty”
  1. I love this topic, because it encapsulates pretty much everything the Left doesn’t know about warfare.

    First, the assumption that the US military is big enough to fight all the gun owners of the USA. They aren’t. They might just barley be able to occupy a state the size of New Jersey, but that’s a stretch

    Second, the idea that the Deplorables are going to be a nice, easy open target ala the Redcoats. Nope, it’s going to be guerrilla warfare of the type to make Afghanistan look like a picnic.

    Third, the idea that 100% of military and law enforcement is going to follow their orders. Don’t forget that tyranny has to have the active cooperation of a super-majority of it’s citizens to work.

    And considering the crappy way the Left treats military and law enforcement, there’s going to be a lot of defections (with all the goodies) to the Deplorable side.

    And finally, it’s funny that the Left cries “Quagmire!” when troops are sent to fight overseas, yet they thing the USA would be easy.

  2. At its peak, the Irish Republican Army had about 500 members… They lived on an island thatroughly the size of Utah, but mostly in one corner of it that was only slightly bigger than Maryland… in a society where civilian ownership of firearms had been rare for centuries before being almost totally banned. All ingress and egress of the island was monitored by the world’s third largest Navy, the streets were patrolled by special forces units of the NATO’s second largest army, and the police didn’t have to abide by any pesky “bill of rights” when infiltrating the IRA and spying upon suspected members’ families.

    They waged a guerrilla war against the U.K. that lasted for ninety years… and it won a seat at the negotiating table where they got (most) of what they wanted. After which the main body of the group reinvented itself as a legit political party and a few splinter factions are STILL fighting.

    So, yeah, good luck with your military junta against Americans. There’s more men and women attending a Gun and Knife Show at your local state fairgrounds in any given weekend then there were IRA members… and they’re better armed.

  3. And by the way, the left should go read the Posse Comitatus Act. We were rather pointedly told not to do the sort of thing the left gets all hard about when I was in Officer Candidate School.

    1. The left is interested in the PCA only in so far as they can abuse it to prevent the military from protecting the borders or putting down riots.

  4. These people seem to think that a military/political establishment that put such strict rules of engagement in place that the most modern military in the world couldn’t defeat a bunch of rice farmers 50 years ago, or a bunch of goat herders today, would unleash total war on its own citizens.
    (But then again, they could be right.)

      1. After listening to Ted Lieu, Pete Buttigieg, Pam Keith, Amy McGrath, Seth Moulton, Bradley “Chelsea” Manning, and Spenser Rapone, I am convinced that about 50% of our military would love to engage in combat operations against Americans in Red states and would immediately abandon the ROE that they followed overseas.

  5. As crawford421 alluded to, who says traitors like Zerlina Maxwell will be exempt from retaliation/justice in an asymmetrical conflict that THEY will provoke?

    The list of names of despot enablers is long and will be legitimate targets.

    Don’t start nothing; won’t be nothing!

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