Miguel has brought up that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez was invited to tour some of the concentration camps (twice) that have been turned into museums and memorials to get a better understanding of the enormity of that history.

She decided to turn that invitation down, and in just such a classy way too.

Steve King may be sort of a piece of shit, but he wasn’t the one who invited her.  That is clear from his wording “Please accept their offer.”

She received separate invitations from Polish MP and vice-president of the European Conservatives Dominik Tarczynski to visit concentration camps in Poland, from From the Depths which is a Holocaust educational group, and from Americans Against Antisemitism.

None of these individuals or groups are Steve King.

For her to ignore all that and respond only to King and turn down the invitations and claim the moral high ground saying that the far right is engaged in political manipulation shows just how much of a dishonest piece of shit she is.

I thought that she was done when Cuomo and Schumer got burned on billions in tax dollars from Amazon HQ2 by her and they told Pelosi to muzzle her stupid face.

This is way beyond that.

Clearly, this girl thinks she is untouchable.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “AOC turns down the Holocaust Memorial tour in the worst possible way”
  1. She could also visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. Surprised no one has informed her that it is there. Not that she would, of course.

  2. There is, I understand, a new exhibit about Auschwitz at NY’s Museum for Jewish Heritage. Wonder if she would turn down an invite to that.

    From the description on the museum’s website:

    “This groundbreaking exhibition brings together more than 700 original objects and 400 photographs from over 20 institutions and museums around the world. Auschwitz. Not long ago. Not far away. is the most comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the history of Auschwitz and its role in the Holocaust ever presented in North America, and an unparalleled opportunity to confront the singular face of human evil—one that arose not long ago and not far away.” And, I understand, no right wingers were involved in curating the exhibit.

    I might suggest to her that if she fears flying, she could take the subway. The IRT 4 or 5 or the BMT R or W. The Museum is at the Battery. She would not even have to leave NYC.

  3. She thinks she’s invincible because she’s a minority, female Democrat who gets a lot of press, but she’s not powerful or ingrained enough to live a life free of consequence, like Hillary for example. Eventually this sort of nonsense will catch up to her, as she’s only going to become emboldened as more time passes.

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