I wanted to do things different this year and I figured few people would mind a little recording from the crew of Apollo 8, December 24, 1968.

It happened 45 years ago and it still gives me chills. I was not an English speaker then and I only heard what a translator was saying, but the effect was the same.

Have a blessed one 🙂

Earthrise: Picture taken by the Apollo 8 crew.

Funny update: I just found out ( 2:42 pm 12/23/13) that Captain James Lovell Jr, reenacted the reading of the Genesis. I had this on my mind since Thanksgivings when I treated myself to a marathon of From the Earth to the Moon. He gets all the props, I am just a repeater 🙂

And yes, this is a scheduled post…

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By Miguel.GFZ

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