So after taking in all the advice from the faithful readers, I think I am going to go with getting an upper that will work with the Spikes’ Tactical lower and move the barrel and the rest of the stuff from the Kaw Valley upper to this one.

9mm Upper Receiver (

I consulted with Spike’s and confirmed that comes with the necessary relief for the lower.  Next thing, raise the funds.

Anybody interested in a Kaw Valley Precision stripped upper?

The things I do for the missus.

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By Miguel.GFZ

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4 thoughts on “AR9 drama continued.”
  1. Miggy, do you have a reaction bar that fits in the barrel lugs to torque against when removing the barrel? If not, then I don’t recommend re-using or selling the stripped upper… it’s not made to take torque. I have such a tool for 5.56 bolt chambers and one for .308 bolt chambers, but I’ve never seen such a thing for 9mm… I dunno if it’s the same bolt profile as a 5.56? Anyhow, here’s a link to the Geissele 5.56 tool:

    1. Don’t have that. I am going to try and talk with a couple of people around here and discuss options.

      I am this close to dump the whole thing and sell everything AR9

    2. If it’s a blowback, the barrel isn’t going to have locking lugs, so a reaction rod can’t be used. You’d probably need to use a clamshell type holder for the upper.
      Miguel, would replacing the lower be an option? Yes it’s the serialized part and a bit more of a pita to sell the old one; but lowers are often cheaper than uppers.

      1. ahh, yes… blowback. well, that sucks. As IJB mentions, you’ll probably have to go with a clamshell type clamp in a vise. That’s less ideal because the torque is still transmitted through the barrel alignment pin (if it has one!) which is steel, against the upper, presumably softer aluminum. You’ll get your barrel out, but the Kaw Valley upper receiver might be scrap. Also, not sure how you would torque the barrel onto the new upper safely. sigh….

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