Democratic state Sen. Loretta Weinberg, who sponsored the landmark 2002 law, said she would ask the legislature to drop the mandate if the National Rifle Association, a fierce critic of smart-gun technology, pledged not to stand in the way of the weapons’ development and sale. “‘I’m willing to do this because, eventually, these are the kinds of guns people will want to buy,” she said.

In response to questions about Ms. Weinberg’s proposal, the NRA issued a terse statement from Chris Cox, executive director NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “The NRA is interested in a full repeal of New Jersey’s misguided law,” he said.

via Smart gun’s future now uncertain – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Over No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money,  John Richardson says:

(Democratic state Sen. Loretta)Weinberg makes the same mistake that many in the gun prohibitionist community makes. She assumes that the NRA is a monolithic organization that merely needs to snap its fingers for gun right supporters to fall into line. That may be the case with the astroturf organizations that support gun control but it doesn’t work in a movement where you have genuine grassroots. The NRA is led as much by the grassroots as the grassroots is led by the NRA. In other words, they both exert influence.

But I have a different take: She may be scared.

Think about for a second, why would a Democrat from New Jersey  come forward and try to make some sort of deal with the NRA? They have the state locked tight in their power, they do not need to make any kind of concessions and they can pretty much tighten up more Gun Laws. So why the offer? Because if Illinois ended up having to open up and allow Concealed Carry after being taken to court and if history repeats itself, we will see more pro-gun legislation coming forward in the hopefully not distant future, Senator Weinberg may be looking at the writing in the wall and say “OK boys, we gotta figure out how to ride this monster wave. If we can strike some sort of apparent deal with the NRA, maybe we won’t be challenged in court”

Eventually New Jersey will have to face Federal Court. I also believe that the best way to shake the anti-gun legislature non-judicially is to get Nationwide Carry. Having pressure form both the voters and the court may make the difference.

Hat Tip to Mark S. for the article.

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