Well you guys really aren’t very interested in me. You were more interested in another Q&A with Hagar than me. You were more interested in nobody than me. You were more interested in J.Kb. than me.

You were mostly interested in Miguel. I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ll ask if he’ll do it. No promises. You don’t have to worry though, no AMA for me.

Hey guys, I’m not upset, this is why I put up the polls. It makes it easier to find out what you all want to hear about.

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Who would you like to "ask anything"?
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By awa

8 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything Poll Results”
  1. Well, awa, I enjoyed what you’re already doing and didn’t want you to take time away from that feature of this blog, so I didn’t select you for AMA. But if you need a break from wading through the workload required to produce legal analysis, that fine with me, I know it will be exceptional and very informative. So, again, follow your passion.

  2. FWIW, I didn’t participate in the poll, but I like your stuff, awa. It just needs a TL;DR summary most of the time. 😉

    1. Thank you for joining us Scrappycrow. I think it was Curby that said the same thing earlier. That I needed to summarize my posts. I’ve been attempting to add a bottom line up front to all of my posts. Even if it is only to say “this is a rant, tough”.
      In the last article I wrote Rupp v. Bonta as long as it was that entire article was a TL;DR;. That was some 1500 or so pages reduced to that one article. By the time I got to that point I just didn’t have the energy to write a TL;DR for the TL;DR article. Grin
      Regardless, I will attempt to do a better job of summarizing my articles in the B.L.U.F.

      1. I may be the outlier, but I like the TL posts… because I DR – “do read” – especially the legal case analyses – these appellate cases are often difficult and nuanced to read in the original (not to mention usually 100’s of pages – and in CA sometimes 1000’s of pages of pure junk! vis. the ‘expert’ testimony on the number of mules needed to carry military supplies)
        AWA – you are hitting it outta the park with the summaries, even if they are 10 ‘pages’ deep – this ain’ Twitter…

  3. Well Poop! I like what you write. It is well researched, thoughtfully presented and shows you take your writing seriously. It makes me think. Now I’m really sorry I didn’t participate in the voting. Apologies.

  4. To be clear I don’t think my sense of humor came through in this post. I’m actually looking forward to the AMA for Miguel.
    I’m having a great time with it. I’m glad I extended the poll from a simple “yes/no” to include all the options it did.
    Thank you all that participated then or now.

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