Assault Camera: The New Liberal Frontier to Ban.

I got several readers and friends sending me a copy of the pic.  I am very wary of unsourced screen caps, but this look very real so I went over Twitter and checked by myself.

Sweet gods of volcano sacrifice, it is true. This one is a fresh screen capture by yours truly”

And no, the guy is not trolling, he is that dumb.

I do believe we have people among us so stupid that require graphic instructions on how to breathe.

6 Replies to “Assault Camera: The New Liberal Frontier to Ban.”

  1. I showed my wife this picture on my phone so it is about 1.5 inch x 2 inch. I said what kinda gun is this? She looked at it for 2 seconds, timed it, an said thats a camera. & no my wife isnt a gun nut like me heh heh heh.

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