As much as I liked the demonstration, the reality of things told us it was too little, too desperately late. Virginia will be a California of the East and I don’t think anything can be done to stop it.  The March was an absolute waste of time as influencing the legislature or the Governor.

Let this be a warning to Floridians: We have a crapload of bad laws, some even worse than these in the committees right now. START CONTACTING ALL THE REPRESENTATIVES FROM THOSE COMMITTEES!

You have the resources on the right hand side of the blog: USE THEM.

A lot of legislators will term out this year (why I am so scared, some already cashed the checks and don’t give a flock) and we need good replacements that understand their re-election is in our hands and that our former governor and now dear Senator Scott barely won the seat because too many of us were pissed off.

And for the love of God, go vote!

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

13 thoughts on “Attention Florida: How effective was the 2A March in Richmond?”
  1. They passed COMMITTEE. IF they pass senate and become “law” then come november Virginia can vote dems out….and the laws can be largely ignored.

    1. It’s generally much harder to get old laws repealed, than to get new ones passed, if for no other reason that new laws represent bigger bragging rights for the sponsor.

      Even if the legislature completely turns over with a veto-proof majority, how many of the ones that are passed do you think will be repealed?

  2. We had a state legislator here in TN dismiss the concerns of some moms-demand types a few years ago. They got it on video and tried to make a fuss about it. It made the media, and his response was, essentially, “I could do everything they are asking me to do and they’d still never vote for me, but if I do a single thing they ask me to most of the people who *did* vote for me would never vote for me again. This is not hard math.”

    This is the same thing. These legislators openly campaigned on more gun control and still got elected in the NRA’s home state. Why should they care if 50,000 people showed up? They know gun owners are not the murderous bunch they make them out to be, so whatchagonnado? Not vote for me? You already weren’t gonna vote for me, but Bloomberg is gonna pay me if I do what he asks.

  3. In Illinois, before they were forced to pass concealed carry by the courts, the local politicals were known for killing ccw bills while the IGOLD demonstrators were marching up the street then bolting out the back doors.

  4. And note the lobbyist sitting in the committee, wearing their red MDA shirts, standing in line to speak.

    While the big spike is painful and gets lots of attention, those little thorns poking the committee members every day is what causes things to change.

    Your voice is only heard if you call and act regularly.

  5. Two things Virginia gun owners will have in their favor, REGARDLESS of what the tyrants do:

    1). 2A Sanctuary Counties
    2). Armed Civil Disobedience

    As has been demonstrated in NY and Kommiecticut since 2013, it frightens the tyrants into inaction. Unconstitutional laws are meant to be ignored.

      1. Removing preemption is arguably worse than pretty much everything else. It makes crossing county lines very, very hazardous to non-criminals.

  6. Was the Declaration of Independence a waste of time? After all, the tyrant King George had been abusing the American colonies nigh on two decades prior. The people had so far endured his increasing demands and his harsh treatment.

    The Declaration was vitally important because;
    -it put King George and Parliament on notice.
    -by lawful means.
    -and shouted to the world that this is how it is.

    So none could come after to say, the Continental Congress, et al, are unlawful. So none could say that what those ragamuffins in the colonies are doing is just what you’d expect of uppity rascals and the their cause is unjust.

    No, the declaration followed a hallowed principal thereby establishing the cause as just.

    This rally at Richmond was very much alike; it is a declaration, lawful, that the People object to the tyranny. It is therefore to the tyrants what should be their next move. None can cry foul, a sucker punch was thrown against the government.

    And now, having now seen what the People are about, the tyrants in Richmond, much like the tyrant King George, have further entrenched their position. There will be hell to pay. To that we have a thousands years of history which shows that the tyrants will burn.

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