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Further down the AMC Rabbit Hole

By. J.Kb.

I just finished the 4th episode of Fear the Walking Dead.  I know, that was last week’s episode.  I have a job and a baby, if it weren’t for DVR I’d never watch anything on TV.

So, where to start…

At the very end of Episode 3, the army arrives and starts killing zombies.  At the start of Episode 4, dysfunctional family and El Salvadorian family are sharing dysfunctional family’s house which is now in a safe zone.  The military has formed about a dozen safe zones out of various neighborhoods by fencing them off and occupying them.  Dysfunctional dad is some how the civilian leader of his safe zone, at one point he is called “mayor” by the army lieutenant in charge of the safe zone.

The lieutenant in charge of the safe zone is a total a##hole.  He’s gruff, unsympathetic, callus, and jokes about shooting the civilians in the safe zone.  At first I thought this was just AMC (insert gratuitous comment about typical Hollywood liberals) being anti-military.  Since we haven’t really interacted with any other military at this point maybe, just maybe, his being an a##hole was just a personality quirk and not a statement against the military by AMC.

At the end of the episode, the military drags away drug addict son with force, actually butt-stroking him to the face with an M-16.  On a personal level, I have no sympathy for drug addict son.  He was stealing drugs from an injured person in the safe zone, hooking himself up to the patients painkiller drip.  Previously he refused to share his painkillers (the ones girlfriend stole for him to help him with withdrawal) with El Salvadorian mom, who crushed her foot.  If there is one feature that defines all drug addicts, it is selfishness.  They will do whatever it takes to get high, regardless of how much it harms other people.  This kind of person is a detriment to society, but especially in an apocalypse scenario, so I don’t mind so much that he was hauled off.  But I digress…

As I thought about the this last episode, I realized maybe AMC wasn’t just being hard on the military.  Only a month ago was the 10th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Katrina.  I watched the news and the President’s speech and all the yammering punditry, but the one thing that I didn’t see was mention of the door-to-door raids by police and the National Guard collecting guns.  For that I had to turn to the NRA.  One of the things I remember about Katrina, watching the disaster unfold from my dorm room, was the belligerence shown by the nine most terrifying words in the English language.

Sure, I’ll concede that there was violence by some of the citizens of NOLA, and looting and people taking advantage of the disaster.  Say what you want about providing security, but what happened in NOLA after Karina was about more than just security.  It was a crackdown on US citizens.  Not since the Civil War have US troops gone house-to-house with guns rousting residents.

One segment from the news stands out in my mind (I can’t find video of it), of General Russel Honore showing up in NOLA and yelling at soldiers to put their guns down.  Before he got there, the military was rolling through a US city like it was Fallujah.  (Yes, Yes, I know, Honore retired and turned out to be a totally anti-gun “if you like assault weapons join the army” liberal, but I’m only talking about his command in NOLA.)

Coincidentally, this, the treating of a US city like was a foreign nation to be occupied and the total erosion of civil rights was the genesis of the Oath Keepers movement.  Keep in mind, I’m not crapping on individual members of the military here.  There are many good people in uniform.  But any bureaucracy (including the military) is ultimately a big, lumbering, officious, callus, machine that will keep grinding people under it until somebody (either from within or outside) stops it.

What frightens me is that AMC’s portrayal of life in a safe zone is more accurate than I would hope.  Just ask the people of Watertown, Massachusetts what they experienced in much less dire circumstances.  Sure, those were police, but that might have been hard to tell by ordinance they were carrying.

Yes, after Katrina many people got their guns back.  There were lawsuits and settlements.  President G.W. Bush even passed an executive order which later became law preventing the government from confiscating legally possessed arms during a natural disaster.  Several states even doubled and tripled down on this by securing the right of CCW permit holders, and even non permit holders, to carry during a disaster.  But all of this only works if once the disaster ends there are courts and lawyers to secure the rights that were taken away during the disaster and order recompense.  What happens when you lose your rights today and there is no tomorrow?  Food for thought.

I still want dysfunctional dad to get munched on and El Salvadorian barber did witness atrocities during the El Salvadorian Civil War.  I’m still waiting for more of his backstory to unfold.

Switching to different zombie fiction.  One of my favorite, and the most believable, part of World War Z (the book, not the movie, don’t talk to me about the movie) was that the US military had to retake the Black Hills of South Dakota.  In WWZ, the military retreats from the East Coast and Mid West all the way to behind the Rocky Mountains which formed a natural barrier against the undead.  The residents of the Black Hills were abandoned by the military and left to fend for themselves.  They survived and when the US retook SD, they were so offended at being left behind, they declared themselves a sovereign state and resisted unification.  I lived in western South Dakota for six years.  WWZ is 100% correct.  The hill-folk of SD (or any rural state for that matter) would both survive a zombie apocalypse and be very resentful of a government showing up and wanting to take control of a group of people they had previously forsaken.

What is Hebrew for Quisling (a rant)

By J.Kb.

Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah have come and gone, happy new year 5776.

I’m Jewish.  I make my bread and butter in guns. I am a firearms enthusiast, a dyed in the wool gun nut.  One of those things is not like the other, and that drives me nuts.  When you look at the names of the Washington gun grabbers, it reads like Bar Mitzvah guest list, Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg, Wasserman-Schultz.  You want to pick a fight at an Oneg (the food served after Sabbath services), say something pro-gun.  I know, I’ve done it.

I have tried to wrap my mind around why so many Jews are anti-gun.  I just can’t. Name me one, just one, big government regime that was friendly to the Jewish people.  I’m waiting…  Yeah, I can’t think of one either.  One would think that such a record, from the Greek and Roman Empires to Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, would put Jews squarely in the small government supporters, but no.  I have come to the conclusion, that they are Quislings.  For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it comes from the name of the Norwegian war-time leader Vidkun Quisling, who lead a domestic Nazi collaborationist regime during WWII.  In general, a Quisling is an enemy collaborator.   I think this is an appropriate term.  The only reason I think why so many Jews are anti-gun/pro-big government is that they feel that by being part of big government, they are safe from big government.  Just ask Leon Trotsky how well that worked out, ice pick and all.

My dad recognized this.  He taught me to shoot as a kid.  In all irony, he taught me to shoot using the FN .32 ACP my grandfather took off some SS officer and brought back as a trophy from WWII.  His feeling was that when we said “never again” we mean it, with a bullet, literally.

Of course we enjoy shooing.  I love spending a day at the range.  My dad is a hunter, he’s taken my sister hunting all over the world.  We took the Orvis sporting clay class together.  But the sentiment of “never again” has always stuck with me.  It’s for this reason I resent the term MSR (modern sporting rifle) for AR-15 clones.  Sure, it’s fun to shoot, 3 Gun is great, and so on.  But at the end of the day, it is not my sporting rifle, it is my primary casualty-producing weapon.

Hopefully I will never have to use it that way.  Then again, hopefully there will never be boxcars full of Jews again.  Given the way the Iran deal is going, I can’t guarantee either, but that is a different rant.

If I go quietly into that good night, it is because my weapon is suppressed.

Say all that in a Synagogue and you’ve kicked the hornets nest.  Point out that historical precedent is on your side, and bad for the Jews, and you’ve become persona-non-grata.  The thing is, the Israelis know this.  I know Israel doesn’t have the best gun rights, and that is one reason I have no interest in living there.  For American Jews to support Israel and then totally ignore every lesson of the Haganah, who were literally rolling shell casings out of lipstick containers by hand to defend them selves from being slaughtered, is absolutely bat-poop insane.  But somehow I’m the crazy one because I have an 18 gal tote full of .223 in my garage.

Here’s the point Mr. Schumer and Bloomberg, and Ms. Feinstein and Wasserman-Schultsz.    LEAVE MY GUNS ALONE.  You are not making the world safer for our people by taking away my guns.  You making it easier to the agents of the state to haul Jewish children out of their beds.  That you helped make is easier for the state to do that will not save your children from the same fate.

To the rest of my people, big government has never, and will never, be good for the Jews.  Stop supporting it.  Go to a range, rent a gun, try shooting.  It’s fun, you might actually like it.  More importantly, what I’ve been saying might click.  Never again, with a bullet.



Gear Review – Blitzkrieg Components Chevron Front Sight

By J. KB.

I know that Miguel has not done gear reviews in the past, I don’t know if they are just not his style, or what.  I have been doing a bit more shooting lately and come across a product that I love and decided to do a write up on it.  If Miguel is OK with it, I might do a few more.

Full disclosure: I am not paid to advertise this product and I paid full price for it.

My very first AR was (still is) an RRA LAR-15 HBAR A2, translation: 20 inch heavy barrel, fixed carry handle.  I got it cheap, new in box, old stock, at a gun show.  Being an A2 model, there was no really good way to mount optics on it.  I tried rails that mounted into the carry handle, Z-mounts that mount in front of the carry handle, special carry handle scope mounts, none really worked.  I eventually got an A4 AR-15 to put a red dot on, the a few more like that with various optics, and the whole time my A2 was left in the safe.

Then I discovered the Biltzkreig Components Chevron Front Sight Post while goofing around on the gun web.  I figured I’d give it a try on the old A2.  I had been thinking about upgrading the front post on that to a fiber optic for a little while and doing some pinking with iron sights.  All I can say is that I LOVE THAT SIGHT.  Not a big fan of the name of the company, but the sight is great.

I am a fan of the German post style reticle on low power optics.  I have a Trijicon 1.25-4×24 Accupoint on one of my ARs that I used for 3 gun and really like it.  The USMC also adopted the chevron post reticle on the ACOG they issue.   It is fast and reasonably accurate which is why it is popular on dangerous game scopes.  For rapid shooting, treat the chevron like a big red dot, nice and quick.  For accuracy, set the zero to be the tip of the chevron or triangle and you have a very precise point of aim.

Well the Blitzkrieg sight post works exactly the same way – center the chevron in the rear peep, using the tip of the chevron as the point of aim.  It is a lot more precise than the old black front post and the contrast paint really makes it stand out.  I ordered it with the luminescent green paint (really a slightly off white), and a few seconds with a flashlight it is glows bright for about 15 min.  This sight breathed new life into my old AR, and I enjoy shooting it now more than my others with optics.  More importantly, I am grouping the same with this sight as I am with my 2 MOA red dot, so unmagnified accuracy is great.

I already ordered a second sight for one of my carbines and I’m going to try and run it 3 Gun Factory Division, see how it performs.

Below are some pics I took in my garage of the sight.  One is a close up of the front post and the other is the sight picture when aiming at a target taped to the wall.  Sorry no range pics but no photography is allowed at the range.



Like I said, I’m not getting paid for this, I’m not getting a free sight, I just really like this setup and though I’d share it with you.


Desired Schadenfreude – A&E Edition

I am three episodes into Fear the Walking Dead, which is a spin-off of The Walking Dead.  I started watching The Walking Dead – I never read the comic – when it first aired and enjoyed the first season.  The second season was a snooze fest and was so massively disappointed by the ending of it that I gave up on the show.  I figured I’d give Fear the Walking Dead a shot.

Basic plot of the show is following a dysfunctional family (guy, his ex-wife and son, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s daughter and heroin addict son) in LA as the Zombie outbreak begins and society falls apart.


So, like I said, I am three episodes in and think my tolerance is reaching its limit.

Dad/ex/son have just spent the night hiding out in a barber shop in downtown LA with the El Salvadorian barber who owns the shop along with the barber’s wife and daughter, as a five alarm riot is going on outside.  Everybody escapes the shop and makes it to the Dad’s house in the burbs to unite the dysfunctional family.

Meanwhile, girlfriend and her two kids decided the need to be prepared to defend themselves from zombies and so drug addict son, going through withdrawl, suggests they go over to the neighbor’s house to steal his shotgun they the son knows he has because he tried to steal it once before.  Neighbors are already zombies.

Dad and crew arrive home and zombie neighbor attacks.  Dad, DOES NOT WANT ANYBODY TO SHOOT THE ZOMBIFIED NEIGHBOR, even though it is on top of him trying to eat him.  El Salvadorian barber blows its head off.

Next day, bout 45 into the episode, scene opens with the barber showing the son (ex’s not the drug addict) how to load the shotgun, shoot it, how it patterns, and which shells to use – buckshot and No. 8 bird (actually pretty accurate).  Son is very interested in learning safe gun handling in case of further zombie confrontation.

Dad walks in and gets all pissy and demands the son put down the gun, which leads to one of the best exchanges in any TV show I’ve ever seen.

Barber:  “The more the boy knows, the safer he’ll be.”

Girlfriend: “I didn’t see the harm in it.”

Dad: “You know how I feel about guns.”

Barber: “The gun doesn’t care how you feel about it.”

Dad: “That’s enough.”

Dad than stops girlfriend from delivering the coup de grace to another zombiefied neighbor as El Salvadorian barber looks on in disgust.

Dad just escaped full on downtown LA, building being torched, cars flipped over, cops in riot gear firing tear gas, looting, etc.  Nearly gets killed by at least one zombie.  There is no power.  Phones are out.  Bodies of neighbors are lying in the street outside his home.  Civilization is collapsing and all hell is breaking loose around him and Dad still has the audacity to be smugly anti-gun.

I have never wanted to see a protagonist in a show die a horrible death so badly.

I’m a father, I believe to the core of my being that my first duty is to protect my family.  This Dad can’t get over his left-wing, LA suburb, smug, anti-gun attitude to do his duty!?! Did I mention Dad is a LA public school guidance counselor?  I want this guy to be munched on.

The funny thing is, I’m not the only person to feel this way.  Barber’s daughter says they should tag along with dysfunctional family as they head out of the city to the desert where they thing it will be safer.  Pleading to her father she says “they are good people.”  Barber dad says (and I love this) “good people are the first to die.”

If I continue to power through this show, I really want El Salvadoran barber to start kicking ass. I am predicting that he was a fighter in the El Salvadorian civil war.  He’s got that 1000 yard stare and has no compunction against shooting zombies.

There is an old expression: there are no atheists in foxholes.  In times of extreme stress, people who ordinarily have no faith will still appeal to a higher power for help.

I have postulated a corollary: there are no anti-gun activists during a zombie apocalypse.  When you find yourself to be the main course in a zombie buffet, the basic human instinct for self preservation will override any ideology.  I think that my corollary is accurate but not for the reason I originally thought.  There are no anti-gun activists during a zombie apocalypse because they all got eaten while moralizing about how bad guns are.

God do I want Dad and heroin addict son to get eaten and El Salvadorian barber to adopt the rest of dysfunctional family.

The Rule of Law

I’m going to get a little political here, so bear with me.

Kim Davis belongs in jail.  She should stay there until one of two things happens, she agrees to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, or she resigns.  I really don’t care which one happens.

I don’t care that Ms. Davis is claiming that issuing gay marriage licenses violates her religious beliefs, not one iota.  If she were a private citizen, engaged in private business, I believe that she has the right to decide who she wants to deal with and who she wants her customers to be.  That is her business, literally.

But she is a government official, her duty is to uphold the law, and government officials cannot willfully violate the law.  Let me say that one more time so that it sinks in.  GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS CANNOT WILLFULLY AND CONSCIOUSLY VIOLATE THE LAW JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH IT.  If she doesn’t agree with the law, and can’t in good conciseness abide by it, she has recourse, to quit, to resign, to stop being a government official.  To allow a government official to violate the law because they don’t like it, is to end the rule of law and begin the rule of man.  That is now how our system is set up.

You can say whatever you want: “the SCOTUS decision was judicial activism” or “where is gay marriage in the Constitution?” The answer is: that is totally irrelevant.  SCOTUS decisions are final.  They have been sine 1803 with Marbury vs. Madison.  If you don’t like them, petition Congress to make new law.  Wait until there is a change in justices and go back to court.  But don’t think that you can disobey a law you disagree with, especially if you have sworn an oath to uphold the law as part of your job.

This is something, that watching the news, conservatives and most of the GOP candidates running for President just don’t get.  YOU CAN’T BREAK THE LAW JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE IT.  Especially since the same conservatives defending Davis have been accusing Obama of doing the exact same thing for the last 6 years.

But if you think I’m picking on Davis, I’m not.  It’s just that her (conservative) defenders have missed the big picture.  If Davis can not hand out marriage licenses she disagrees with because she thinks the SCOTUS decision was out of control judicial activism than guess what?  There is a whole mess of antis who think that Heller, McDonald, and Moore v. Madigan (appeals) were judicial activism too, and that an out of control SCOTUS made up individual gun rights out of whole cloth.  They are totally happy denying CCW permits every chance they have.

If you defend Davis, you have to defend them too.  I don’t.  I want Davis to go back to jail, and I want every California county Sheriff, every clerk in Maryland, the Chief of Police in DC, and every other government official who operates in a “shall issue state on paper but no issue in effect” state to be her cell mates.

You can either have the rule of law or the rule of man.  Rules that apply equally to all or rule by arbitrary and capricious officials.  You can’t cherry pick and want the rule of law when you agree with it and not when you don’t, there is room for only one standard here.  I vote for the rule of law.

Story to tell

Miguel is writing a book and I wish him all the best.

I’ve had a idea for a story I want to tell for a little while now.  I’ve thought more about it as a screen play than a book, but I’m not sure where to take it.  Which is why I am posting here, I want to get some feelers.  I told the idea to my wife, she sort of likes it but warned me that the premise, as well as a few of the characters will invite upon me the wrath of the SJWs.

Either as a book or a screen play, I want to do a zombie story.  I know, I know, that’s all played out, but I have a different angle I want to take it.  Part of the story is inspired by the book Dracula.  I know, I’m making it so much worse, but bare with me.

I want to have it set in Louisiana between 1862 and 1863.  The main villain will be a runaway slave who is a  Bokor, a Voodoo priest.  He is bringing soldiers who died on the battlefield back to life to enact revenge on the families of the plantation owners.  His actions go, at least for a while, unnoticed because of the war, but eventually a small group of people catch on and have to stop him.

I want one of the good guys to be a house slave, who is also (unbeknownst to his master) a houngan, a good Voodoo priest.  He is my Abraham Van Helsing character, a wise, older character steeped in knowledge of Voodoo.  I want at least one Union officer and one Confederate officer as part of the Bokor hunting party.  I like the idea of that internal conflict, that has to be overcome.  The rest of the party needs more fleshing out.  And I want there to be at least one battle with a Rougarou, a sort of Louisiana Voodoo were-alligator, that the Bokor is using as a bodyguard.

Part of why I want to do this, is I like the idea of Voodoo zombies instead of disease zombies.  There is a little bit more I can play around with – like Voodoo zombies and their aversion to salt.  I also like the idea of zombies vs. civil war era weaponry.  Fighting zombies in the Bayou is going to quickly turn into a saber and knife fight.  You can bet my Confederate officer will be dispatching zombies with a D-guard bowie.  Modern zombie movies and shows have a lot of rapid fire and accurate head shots.  Early Civil War battles were still fought with Napoleonic volley fire tactics and bayonet charges.  I imagine that not being particularity effective against a horde of the undead.

Some of it, like the locations, Civil War weapons and tactics I will try to be as accurate as possible.  Other things, like Voodoo, I will have to take some liberties.

What do you all think?  Zombies played out?  Is this something you might like?

Life imitates art

So it was a three day weekend, did some movie watching, enjoyed some gun play.

I watched a couple of young guys open up on some targets with a shooting style that seemed to be somewhere between John Woo and James Yeager.  Obviously self taught from the school of Youtube tactical shooting videos.

I like competitive shooting.  I do a little IDPA and Steel Challenge from time to time.  I’m not hard core about it.  New job, baby, wife not really working, I just don’t have the time or money to practice as much as I’d like.  If I finish in the top 10, I call it a good day.

I have (thankfully) never been in a firefight.  I’ve heard all the Youtube bravado that “competitive shooting will get you killed, it’s not like a gunfight at all.”  Now I have no first hand experience with this, but in my humble opinion, competitive shooting is a fun way to hone critical shooting skills: accuracy and weapon manipulation.  Even in you are mediocre at something like IDPA, you are still practicing the fundamentals of sight alignment, reloading and working your gun while looking at the targets, etc.

So when I see these shooters rolling around on the ground while shooting and trying for the perfect Mozambique drill and talking about double taps and “breaking the rhythm” and all that other Youtube tacticool crap, it makes me laugh.

I remember this video I saw a long time ago.

These guys are US Army Delta.  The elite of the elite.  The operator’s operator.  The best there is.  If you watch carefully there is not a Mozambique or tactical roll in the entire video.  The shooting tactics of the best of the best is: fill the target with bullets, reload, repeat as necessary.

It is down right Steel Challenge in its simplicity.  Doesn’t matter where you hit the target, just hit it and move on (plus grenades).

The tactical roll is stupid.  The real G.I. Joes don’t do it.  Practice the fundamentals of being able to hit what you are aiming at with a reasonable degree of speed.  And for god’s sake, stop watching James Yeager.