Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

Old News: Restraining Order Fails. Defensive Shooting Works. (Update)

Trusting your life to the orders of a judge and have no Plan B in case they are ignored may lead to an early grave staying. He was a convicted felon with a history of violence.

The idiot was armed with an M1 carbine, a Ruger 10-22 and a Ruger Redhawk. Unfortunately, the resident that stopped Mancilla, Gary Gowan, died exchanging fire probably saving a lot of lives.

UPDATE: It was worse. Just found this follow up article.

This kind of judge used to be the exception, but now they are the Soros rule.

One born every millisecond.


When I heard about Non-Fungible Tokens, I thought it was a joke. Make something digital non-useful, assign a “unique identifier” and sell it? Who could be that stupid to invest in that?

Apparently, a lot of people:

A recent study looking at the price of thousands of collections seems to suggest the answer is “yes.”

A report by dappGambl based on data provided by NFT Scan and CoinMarketCap indicated that 95% of non-fungible tokens were effectively worthless. Out of 73,257 NFT collections, 69,795 of them had a market cap of zero ether.

By their estimates, almost 23 million people hold these worthless assets.

NFT Crash: 95% of the Market Is Now Worthless, Study Finds (businessinsider.com)

Allow me to explain this in Boomer terms: Some dumbasses thought that buying a Pet Rock with a serial number would be a sound financial investment. Right now, they are not even worth to bust a window in an abandoned house.

At the end of the day, the three commodities that will always pay will be beans, bullets and band-aids. You may include precious metals for trading and even there will be a time when they will cease to be useful.

Rhinestone Frisco (AKA Nashville)

This is the kind of crap that you see happening in SanFran or NYC or Seattle. That it happened in Nashville is a sad preview of the deep shithole to come.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A man who threatened to blow up a Nashville church and daycare has been released from jail and ordered to a halfway house.

On the heels of the heart-breaking Covenant School shooting, a victim’s rights group is asking how could you be so lenient with someone who threatened mass violence?

On July 7, there were 57 kids and 19 staff members at the Belmont United Methodist Church and Daycare in Hillsboro village when Damian Rucker burst through a gate and into the preschool.

Metro Police say he tried to get into a room with children, but the door was locked, so he ran into another room.

Police began clearing the building, before officers tackled Rucker when he attempted to run from one room to another.

He told police “God sent me here to rid the children of evil by blowing this place up and all places of worship to rid children of evil.” 

Man who threatened Nashville church, daycare released to halfway house | WZTV (fox17.com)

We will see this guy again after he has done something horrific.



I less civilized times, he would have been committed to some mental facility, kept away from regular folks and children. But since the folks in the Justice system are so caring, he is probably walking around Nashville plotting his next attack or, if we are very lucky, finding his own private demise without involving anybody else.

But it is a good thing no faculty member or staff in the school was armed as it made the location much safer, right?

The other half of Guns Stolen from Vehicles.

You guys know our position about leaving guns unsecured in a vehicle: you simply don’t.

But Tennesse seems to have a particular issue with this kind of crime and, one of the factors is well known:


Tennessee faces an epidemic of stolen guns from cars, but the statistics show the perpetrators are rarely caught and arrested.

Of 5,386 reported cases of guns stolen from cars statewide last year, less than 4% resulted in an arrest, according to numbers from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

In fact, gun theft from a vehicle has among the lowest clearance rates for all theft-type crimes.


Tennessee gun thefts are spiking: Why aren’t there more arrests (tennessean.com)

Let’s make it simpler to read. If you steal a gun from a car, you have a 96% probability not to be arrested, much less prosecuted for it.

Amazingly enough, the new law that makes gun thefts from vehicles a felony has been called a burden on the prosecution and the usual suspects bemoan the fact that no laws penalizing gun owners for leaving guns in the cars were passed. Of course, it is easier to go after some citizen who comes voluntarily to report a crime than actually going after criminals.

This is also of value:

Criminals will target vehicles with out of county or out of state plates, as well as those with specific bumper stickers for organizations like the National Rifle Association. On his way into work the other day, Winter saw a license plate on a sedan that simply read: GLOCK. “You could be sure that there’s probably a gun in that car,” he said.

Advertising you are a gun owner does work in the criminal’s advantage, but then again, the reason why a lot of people leave guns in their cars is because they are forced to work/visit gun free zones and legally cannot carry their firearm with them.

It is almost like the Gun Control Cabal is working in tandem with the criminal element.

Or maybe they just simply are.

Sorry for the low-quantity posting.

I am in the process of separating from my job and caught a nasty crud to boot. I have something else already aligned and look forward to spending several days of leisure with the missus since I have had a vacation in over a year (And no, recovering from surgery is NOT a vacation dear HR department.)

Keeping with my long-standing policy, I shall not comment about the job I am leaving in specifics, but some general comments will eventually find this page, mostly about behaviors that can be applied to the usual musings of this blog.

I am taking a couple of classes this coming Sunday: USCCA Introduction to Defensive Shooting and USCCA Increasing Practical Marksmanship. I shall issue the appropriate AAR at a later date.

I am also planning on taking a defensive shooting class at a local range. I had one probably 25 years ago and barely touched a shotgun since. It is possibly the weapon I know the least and I intend to remedy that.

My Brother-in-Law has already issue threats about taking me hunting this Fall. Paraphrasing Captain Mal Reynolds, I guess I shall be ready to wait long time for a deer don’t come.  Speaking of BiL, I want to gift him with an AR in .458 SOCOM and I am looking for uppers.  He is truly a great guy and deserves to have at least one gun in the AR platform.  Any input you could offer will be greatly appreciated.

I think it is time to show some love to my faithful WASR 10 and upgrade it with MAGPUL Zhukov furniture and maybe even a new red dot even though the TruGlo installed in it has been flawless.

Another project I am thinking about is a very light AR based 9 mm pistol for the missus since she has been showing interest on longer weapons for home defense. Some interesting conversion kits for normal AR lowers are out there which make this project interesting.

That’s it for now.