Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

SIG 556-R (7.62×39) What’s the point?

Other than looking “cool” and having an ambi safety, I fail to see why this particular rifle is worth $1,250. For the Love of Mikhail! You guys didn’t even bother to switch the charging handle to the left side! Adjustable gas system for when you shoot dirty ammo? Has that been an issue with the AK since when?

For $1,250 you can buy a Century Arms WASR, deck it as you want, buy a crapload of ammo and still have enough money left to take a class with Gabe Suarez.

Next: buying a Maseratti to go off-roading in the Florida Swamps.

Cool TV Intros

Doing the lighthearted stuff today. Cool TV Intros from way then in my younger years. Cheesy by today’s standards but some of the best theme music out there.

Mrs Peel made me realize girls were not yucky. I still did not know what was I supposed to feel, but not yucky.

Perhaps the Coolest Unknown SciFi show of the time. By then I knew what i was supposed to feel about girls… grrrrrrr.

Japete and President’s Day.

My Favorite Ghoul could not let President’s Day pass without mentioning Presidential Assassinations and Attempts. She mentions Lincoln and Kennedy plus the attempt on Reagan as segue to bring Jim Brady and the whole Brady Campaign and to glorify herself in the process.

The problem is that History and Japete must come to a bitter collision. Why? Joan hates your semi auto guns, “High” Capacity magazines, Assault Rifles among other gun things. But we know the following:

John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln with a .41 caliber cap and ball pocket pistol marked Derringer.

Kennedy was killed with a 6 shot bolt action Carcano Rifle, hardly an “assault” weapon.

And the gun used in the attempt against Reagan was a Rohm .22 caliber, six shot revolver.

Maybe she should be advocating for the banning of muzzle loaders and cheap foreign guns. Or maybe she should stop milking dead people.

UPDATE: I went to post the above mentioned facts over Joan’s blog. Allow me to say that the captcha surprised the hell out of me.

We are the New Negroes, aren’t we?

UPDATE 2:  My comment was never posted…. and the one of hers pictured above suddenly disappeared?

Sunday Fun with the Missus.

Ever since my wife read The Cornered Cat, she has been possessed by the shooting bug. I was told in no uncertain terms that we would be going to the range today and so we did.

We tested her Kahr CW9 and I must admit I am impressed as heck with the little gun. My bear paws took a bit to get used to it, but soon enough I was placing tight groups with it like I’ve been shooting that thing all my life. The trigger is a bit spongy but easy to get used to it; then again I was not raised with a 1911.

She shot pretty well for somebody who had not shot a gun over a year. Grip correction was done and we worked on her stance some. We will go back next Sunday if she can drag me out of bed.

“OK Hon. It is Breathe-Hold and shoot, not Breathe-Hold till blue and shoot.”