Rescued mom’s espresso maker. It is a Vev Vigano 18/10 that has been in the family so long, it is classified in Ebay as “vintage ” (A.K.A. old stuff.)

I had to change the gasket, (in fact I don’t believe it was ever changed) and gave it a thorough cleaning before getting it back to brewing the Devil’s brew.

And there is a local store that has Venezuela products, including some of the good coffee we used to buy back in the day.

And Dear Lord, it does beat the flavor of percolators and Keurigs and all the other crap. The only thing better would be a very expensive Faema E61 machine. That is truly a frigging classic.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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5 thoughts on “Back to the old brews”
  1. As a lover of good coffee, please share the names of the brands you recommend. I’m always looking for a new brand to try.

    1. Cafe Madrid and Fama de America are my favorites.

      There was a local store where I used to live where they would roast the beans from their farm and then sell them to the public. You knew immediately if a fresh batch was being made because the smell would invade the area. Unfortunately the “revolucion” killed that place.

  2. My family used the Chemex Coffee Maker and the key to brewing perfect coffee was the 192-degree water poured into the gravity drip hourglass system. I still use the one my parents had just for the memories. However, Bunn Coffee Systems achieves the same basic principle of the Chemex–192 degree filtered water through the preferred amount of fresh ground beans.
    I have been a member of several coffee clubs and have tried too many whole bean coffees to count. But through the last fifty years of my coffee experience, I’ve got one overall favorite, which is any coffee bean from Bucaramanga Colombia.
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  3. We had a stovetop espresso maker like that, but it broke somehow. May have been a bad gasket. We now have a similar looking Italian one (Bialetti Moka Espress, $40ish online currently) that works very well. Being aluminum helps (better heat conductor). And gaskets are readily available, though they last for 5 years or so if not longer.

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