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9 thoughts on “Backyard Critter.”
  1. The one on the post is an anole, usually called a chameleon by southerners because it changes colors. Geckos show up on your walls and windows at night. And you’re probably right about the alligator. Even here in the frozen north of Florida, one might show up in any body of water, including farm ponds and stormwater retention ponds. Vacationers, be very careful where you let your dogs swim down here. ( Not being persnickety about the ID, I’m just still a kid about lizards and snakes.)

  2. I didn’t think anoles changed colors. I know they have that red throat flap they extend.

    I think it is one of those “you know you’re from SoFla” things if you’ve ever had to chase an iguana out of your bird feeder or fruit trees. Double points if you’ve had to scoop an iguana out of your pool.

    We had several that lived in our back yard and ate the food waste my mom dumped onto the compost pile. I didn’t live on a canal so didn’t worry about gators in the yard. But my neighbor did lose a chicken to a python. Had animal control and everything come out to get it.

    1. They do change colors, but it’s a mood/reaction type thing, not a camouflage thing, so you don’t often see the actual change…but one hour the same anole might show up bright green and the next hour run by brown…most people just think it was two different anoles though (since they’re everywhere).

  3. Tasty critters. Just don’t try to munch on the tail – not enough meat to be worth the effort. Folks tell me the eggs are good, too.

    stay safe.

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