This is a bad defensive gun use.

I have said before that I wished the law would be a little more lenient when it comes to defensive gun use that didn’t involve pulling the trigger.

I know this varies by state, city, and how much of an asshole the police and prosecutors are.  What one prosecutor might see as a DGU, the other might see as assault.  Nevertheless, the idea of being able to deescalate a situation without having to shoot someone seems to fall into an uneasy gray area.

This is not a gray area.

This dumbass filmed himself pulling his gun and then shooting off his mouth.

That he taunted the guy first and then threatened him with physical force afterwards is even worse.

While in the strictest sense it might have been a DGU, the totality of the situation could have been interpreted as a pissing match between two assholes and escalated to brandishing guns at each other.

And this dipshit got it all on video and uploaded it to the internet.

If you are going to carry concealed, do it right.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Bad DGU”
  1. I am not sure I see it the same way. Had I been stuck there, I likely would have honked. I do it all the time, albeit without the foul language. That is not a legal excuse for the guy who is holding up traffic to come over and try and pick a fight.

    When the guy came over and flashed a gun, I have to say that drawing on him and proning him out to wait for the police would have been reasonable.

    Of course, that is highly reliant on where you live. Some states expect you to die in order to prove how woke you are.

    1. Pull the gun, but don’t threaten to beat him afterwards.

      Put down the fucking cellphone camera and call the cops.

      Whatever you do don’t tell him the cops will high-five you for blowing his head off.

      Those are all mistakes that make you look less like a person who feared for his life and more like another gun waiving asshole.

  2. You guys know I can be a bit of an asshole…a lot.

    The guy displays his gun like that? No further movement towards it? I play submissive and let him go away.

    Then call 911. You know what gets cops’ juices flowing? Man With A Gun call.
    You are not lying, right. Give full description and just wait for the dozen Black & Whites to show up.

    Then post the video

  3. Except he could draw it and shoot you before you have a chance to respond. You see a gun being threatened like that – you draw. Sure put the phone down and call the cops. But you definitely draw and be ready.

  4. Calling 911 when there’s no blood on the ground is a waste of time in Philadelphia right now. If I had room to go around, I would. If not, and there was no actual violence happening, why get excited? Just wait it out. Eventually either the idiots will work it out or there will be blood on the ground and you can act accordingly.

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