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Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

4 thoughts on “Baltimore riots”
  1. I don’t live in Baltimore, but I nominate that woman for mayor anyway.

    Our society would be much improved if more parents –rich or poor, black or white– would have the “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” conversation with their children.

  2. Miguel,

    Below is an email (edited to remove names and phone numbers) that I got from my sister at 9:35 last night (4/27/2015). She lives in Baltimore and works at UM Hospital. We both were taught to shoot by our dad. I have moved around a bit, but always maintained a CCW permit in every state I have ever lived in (including getting an Illinois permit within the first 4 months they were issued). I carry a snub nose 357 regularly and sleep near a Mossberg 500 topped off with buckshot. My sister went to college in DC and then moved to Baltimore and has been gun free for since 2005. This is what she dealt with last night.

    -begin email-

    “(Older Brother, Sinster-in-Law, Younger Brother, Friend, Friend and Friend: you have already received this message via text, I am sending it again via email so my parents can receive it and so you all can see it in case you didn’t get my text)

    Mom and Dad –

    My specific neighborhood is ground zero for riots. People in the streets with guns robbing and destroying everything. Home invasions happening in the area, how prolific undetermined. I spent tonight barricaded in a local liquor store (friends with owner) for 2+ hours as looters attacked with guns drawn.

    “Home” safe finally – currently at my neighbor C’s place directly across the street from my own apartment, where we stay tonight is TBD per the home invasions. National guard is being deployed.

    I am getting constant emergency notices from the city, my neighborhood community, and work regarding safety and updates. PLEASE CONTACT SPARINGLY – I will contact with pertinent updates, if you do not receive them in frequency it means status unchanged.

    If you MUST call and cant reach my by cell use my hospital pager- 410-XXX-XXXX. Call the number and you will here three fast beeps. Type in your call back number and hang up. You can also send text messages to the pager, but you will need to include your call/text back number in the text.

    I have designated three local friends to contact you with updates should anything happen.

    MOM, DAD, Older Brother:

    IF YOU DO NOT HEAR FROM ME CONSTANTLY OR REGULARLY DO NOT FREAK OUT AND DO NOT CALL THE POLICE. Currently, Baltimore city police are either entirely absent and ignoring all calls of distress OR are approaching people with guns drawn to fire. I WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED AS NECESSARY. (Please update the extended family as needed)

    C’s number is XXX-XXX-XXXX – don’t contact unless absolutely necessary, he is in the same situation I’m in.

    Love you all”

    1. Holy Crap… I knoew it was bad. I was listening to the Baltimore PD scanner last nite and there were constant 10-32 calls (person with a gun), 10-13 (Officer needs assistance) and the radio dispatcher saying “We don’t have anybody to send.” I am almost willing to bet that Baltimore PD was practicing Catch and Release last night.
      J. I hope your Sister is OK and nothing else happens in B-Town toonite

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