This protest happened in New York City two weeks ago.

This is a call for genocide.  There are no ands, ifs, or buts, about it.

First of all, despite the rhetoric they use, Jews have been expelled from every Muslim nation in the Middle East.  After the foundation of Israel, almost one million Jews were driven out of their homes and communities in Arab countries by force.  The number of Jews in Syria and Iraq can be measured in the dozens.  This is one of those inconvenient facts that the Left loves to forget when talking about Israel.

The few Jews that live in Arab countries do so under severe oppression.

So turning Israel into Palestine isn’t going to create a state of equality.  It will create an Arab state where the Jews are subjected o persecution, oppression, and violence.

Does anybody honestly believe that the Palestinians who have been murdering Jewish children for 70 years are suddenly going to become peaceful neighbors and that they won’t want to take revenge for the grievances Palestinian leaders have blamed Israel for that entire time?

But before it got to that point, the dissolution of the State of Israel will be a near genocide in and of itself.  Millions of Jews for three generations have fought, risked, and given their lives for a sovereign Israel.

Those Jews are not just going to give up Israel without a fight because some UN Jew-hating bureaucrats said they have to.

Israel will have to be conquered and the Israelites will fight to the last man and woman that can fire a rifle.

What BDS is protesting for is the violent destruction of several million Jews in Israel.

Which is probably why you never heard about this protest in Times Square.  The Leftist media didn’t want to cover it.  Democrat politicians who can find white supremacism and alt-Right Antisemitism around every corner have been totally silent on a bunch of Leftists and Muslims calling for Jewish genocide in the middle of America’s largest city.

Maybe it is because Squad members Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, openly support BDS, and Bernie Sanders has BDS activist Linda Sarsour on his team.

If you wonder how NYC can ignore the violence against Jews in the city, this is how.  When Jew-hatred come from the Left, everyone turns a deaf ear and a blind eye.

None of that actually surprises me.

I just have one question for my fellow Jews:

Is Orange Man so bad that you are willing to continue to support a part that has Jewish genocide and the elimination of Israel as its platform?

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By J. Kb

2 thoughts on “BDS in NYC is honest, where are the Democrats talking about this?”
  1. Once again, the fundamental axiom of social/political behavior is:

    It is not the action being taken that causes the offense, it is the political affiliation of the person taking action that is offensive.

    This axiom is absolute and complete. It is instantly applicable to any situation. Examples abound.

  2. “But before it got to that point, the dissolution of the State of Israel will be a near genocide in and of itself.“

    But that’s the point. The left hates Jewish people and wants them exterminated. The ones that vote for them are really useful idiots. And when they get in power lined up against the wall and shot like the rest. Of course they have to finish Hitler’s final solution so they probably will use gas chambers and zyklon B.

    I mean at this point when it comes to the far left who isn’t on their list of people in need of extermination? Let’s see? The Jewish population, The entire Israel population, The entire population of white males If not the entire white population, every single registered Republican, every single person that voted for Trump, every single person that voted for Republicans ever. Really every single solitary person in the country that opposes the far left at any capacity. So around 90% of the population 290 million people. The far left would not have any problem with the extermination of 290 million United Stayes citizens on United States soil by the United States government. And while they’re at it throw a few nukes at Israel.

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