I’m writing this from the DMV in northern Alabama. I just moved from Nebraska to Alabama for work. I’m in the process of getting my new driver’s license.

When I moved to Nebraska, my previous ID was not Real ID compliant. Nebraska’s license is a Real ID approved state. It took my birth certificate, Social Security card, two forms of picture ID (including my old license ), and two proofs of residency to get it. Blood, urine, and stool samples were optional.

I’m applying for a Real ID compliant Alabama STAR license. Guess what? I need all the same paperwork and BS all over again. The one Real ID approved ID is not enough for a new Real ID approved ID. What is the point of a Federal standard if it is not useful in going state to state?

He’ll is other bureaucrats.

So why am I griping on a gun blog? Because I forsee this same BS being pulled if (and when) national concealed carry gets passed. Oh yeah, your state may meet some arbitrary national standard but god help you if you go to another state. Your beloved national standard CCW permit will be worth bupkis, and perhaps a trip to jail.

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By J. Kb

11 thoughts on “Be careful of what you wish for”
    1. Real ID got passed in 2005. Compliance was not imediately mandatory. States have been adopting it voluntarily. Every state is supposed to be compliant by now but many states have filed for extensions. Alabama has a regular ID and a Real ID compliant ID called the STAR ID which is mandatory by 2017

    2. I also welcome you to Alabama. I wasn’t born here, either, but I got here a quick as I could 😉

      When I got my D/L, the wife and I went ahead and got STAR ID, figuring it’d be mandatory at some point for air travel, which I (sadly) have to to for business.

  1. I find it odd cause Nebraska gave me real Id with no special procedures when i replaced a missing license 6 months back. Didn’t even need a single form of id just filled out the normal form new license came with the real ID star.

  2. I can’t believe people want national CCW from the same .gov who gave us the IRS, USPS and Oblamercare.

  3. Welcome to N. AL. Huntsville is pretty awesome.

    That being said, I was born and raised in MS and thought MS gov’t was hard to deal with. Then I got to AL and was taken to a whole other world of tomfoolery with regard to dealing with gov’t. It took 5 trips to the license office to get my vehicle registration transferred from MS to AL. 3 trips to the DMV for my drivers license. And don’t get me started on the hoops I had to jump through when they suspended my tag due to missing a “random” insurance check letter that didn’t get forwarded when I moved. I say “random” because I get them at least twice a year now, despite passing rusted out hulks on the highway daily that I’m not sure how they roll, much less get insurance.

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