You know by now Beto (Fake Hispanic) O’Rourke’s attempt to hijack the press conference for his political campaign and being told he was a son of a bitch by the Mayor of Uvalde. But we have another idiocy in the twitterverse that is simply outstanding, and it comes from somebody who usually does not do stupid moves.

I guess he needed some spotlight. Egomaniacs have that issue. I believe it is killing him that he is not the center of adoration anymore and he needs to get back to be revered by the “masses” (read Media.)

So, let’s just commemorate George Floyd our way:

And it is accurate too!

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

5 thoughts on “Because they never waste a crisis, and it is your duty to mock them.”
  1. Having false gods of the left preaching to me about morning senseless murders is peak 2022. I don’t want to hear a sermon from someone who sent AGM-114 Hellfires to civilian weddings for sport.

  2. I have a different take on Obama getting immediately involved. Obama’s first act as president was to enact a secret plan to begin the mission of banning guns in the USA. He had his administration design and initiate “Fast and Furious”. It was illegal and criminal, and a completely staged event, a total fraud, using federal agents, law enforcement and politicians to enact an evil plot to begin a campaign to overthrow the second amendment.

    I will assert that Parkland was also engineered by Obama, using the same M.O. Corrupt law enforcement, local politicians, to implement flawed policies which would serve as the stage for another attack on the second amendment.

    Now this current Texas mass shooting is yet another engineered, Obama creation, who I believe, is operating behind the scenes, setting the stage for another attack on the second amendment. When you have armed, trained law enforcement personnel ALLOWING an armed deranged man with guns into a gun-free zone, without any engagement for over a half an hour, there has to be a very powerful entity behind this unnatural reaction—lawful man with gun allows unlawful man with gun to kill children, without a single shot being fired.

    The N. Y mass shooting a week or so ago, only has one element which is the same as Parkland and Texas mass shootings, and that is, federal law enforcement agencies, “knew and investigated the killer before he executed his killing spree” and decided to do…. nothing. Those federal agencies had enough evidence and reason to look at the subject but did not put a flag on the madman’s file, which would have alerted federal agencies if the subject attempted to legally buy a firearm. But then again perhaps they did flag the file in order to know exactly when to prepare the campaign they would enact against the second amendment.

    I will assert that the FBI knew in each of these instances, that the madman was buying a gun and under orders from above, to stand down and shut their mouths. I believe Obama thanks ‘his god’ every time he creates a crisis which supports ending the second amendment.

    There are several federal agencies which monitor Americans constantly to identify insane individuals. I believe Obama’s federal government currently knows many insane individuals capable of initiating mass shootings right now. Their plan is to launch their second amendment attacks on the backs of the politically insane actors which are a natural creation of volatile politics.

  3. Let’s remember to do as Karl Rove does: always refer to that political hack as “Robert Francis O’Rourke”.

  4. BHO’s post just goes to show you he doesn’t give a shit about the kids who were killed, hell he didn’t even roll out the gun control canned responses, he went straight for the race card about someone totally unrelated to the current tragedy. Remember everyone, no matter what happens out there, America is still a racist country.

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