The other day I described what I called Battered New Yorker Syndrome.

Because the universe likes to prove me correct, a New York Times writer had to put her opinion in online for the world to see.

Where to begin with this.

According to Bloomberg News: NYC Subway Crime Jumps 30%, Defying Surge in Police Patrols.

So subway crime is, in fact, a real problem.

Moreover, according to local news:


Reports of unsanitary conditions in the subway, including everything from feces and blood to garbage, are grossing out riders of New York City’s transit system and creating another deterrent — along with crime — to getting the Big Apple back to normal.

I’m just a dumb redneck from Northern Alabama, but I dont want to go into an underground tube, with few or no points of immediate egress (once that train starts moving, you’re trapped on it),  surrounded by filth, violent criminals, and insane vagrants.

Im not used to seening homeless mumble to themselves and piss in public in Alabama.

I used to live in South Dakota, where we had a large homeless population of Native Americans.  When they got drunk and started peeing in public, the police arrested them.  It wasn’t ignored.

We have an expectation that our municipal agencies would keep the public places relatively clean and pleasant for the working taxpayer.

We also don’t have a stigma against self defense.  In fact, the opposite is true.

We preach that you are your first and last line of defense.  You are ultimately responsible for yourself and your safety.

Perhaps because rural America understands that sometimes the nearest cop is 20 miles away, you are on your own and can’t be expected to rely on the system.

In New York, that’s flipped and been pathologies.

It’s a big city, don’t defend yourself, call the police.  The police don’t come because they are over taxed and under staffed, the response time us long.  Rather than revert to the rural position of be prepared for self-defense, they say just accept the danger or you’re a coward.

Only pussies want to protect themselves, real, tough New Yorkers just put themselves in dangerous situations and accept that they might die, and console themselves by saying that at least they aren’t scared rednecks who have little dicks and feel the need to carry guns anywhere.

Then her New York self righteousness really kicks in.


The NYC Department of Homelessness Services has a budget of $2.2 billion.  Mayor Adams spent another $171 million on homelessness services.

NYC spends over $60,000 per homeless person per year, yet the problem doesn’t go away.

The problem is two fold.

First, the money is largely wasted on the Homeless Industrial Complex bureaucracy.  It pays the salaries and expense accounts of people who deal with the homeless, not on the homeless themselves.

Second, the city imposes no restrictions on the homeless.  They subsidize drug use, alcoholism, and don’t encourage the homeless to get clean.  That’s not compassion, all that does is exacerbate the system.

The homeless are flocking to New York and California because they can get free food, free needles, can shop lift with impunity, and do drugs and OD at safe injection sites.  That’s literally the opposite of compassion.

Funding a homeless drug habit while bureaucrats grift off the taxpayer isn’t Christian, or even morally superior to what the Alabama Christians are doing for the homeless.

To be this obtuse to reality and think New York and New Yorkers are superior is just pathological.  These people are insane.


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By J. Kb

8 thoughts on “Being a New Yorker is pathological”
  1. Once again, with feeling: You get more of what you subsidize.
    Sometimes, also, short-term “compassion” is long-term abuse and cruelty. It’s hard to grasp that sometimes, but there are many examples. Just ride a subway.

    1. Sounds like her insecurities are popping up…
      I got told “its a weak man who carries a firearm”
      My reply was- its a PREPARED man who carries a firearm.. this bimbo is making excuses sound like justification…. Fuk em

  2. First, I will admit she really shredded those strawmen she was attacking.
    Second, what NYC and other cesspits show isn’t “compassion” to people in need — it’s callous indifference. They let people with mental problems and drug addictions sleep in the streets, exposed to the weather and the criminals. AND they let those same people assault the regular working man and woman with impunity.
    Just who is their compassion for? The people they let die in the street, or the people they let get beaten and killed?

    1. That’s the thing. What may appear compassionate and caring – free needles, for instance – might be a kindness, of sorts, in the near term. Long term, though, all you’ve done is made it harder for them to hit bottom and start to course correct.
      That’s really where the resources should go, but it’s much harder to do. Easier to help people destroy themselves.

  3. Where does one begin…
    I see choosing not to use the subway as avoidance of potential dangerous situations. She sees it as cowardice. In her mind, she is brave and demonstrates that by riding the subway. I bet she would not hesitate to walk through the southside of Chitown at night because “she is unafraid.” Her reason for knowing and deliberately plaching herself in dangerous situations is the reason why women get attacked.
    Choosing to avoid a situation is the first (and hopefully last) step in de-escalation. Smart people do that. Idiots mock people who chose to avoid dangerous situations.

    1. Bravery is keeping on despite your fear, because what you’re doing is important.
      Not going into dangerous situations unnecessarily is not cowardice — it’s wisdom.
      Ignoring danger to prove you’re “tough” isn’t bravery, it’s stupidity.

  4. First off, who is this person???

    “Only pussies want to protect themselves, … at least they aren’t scared rednecks who have little dicks and feel the need to carry guns anywhere.”


    “NYC spends over $60,000 per homeless person per year, yet the problem doesn’t go away.”

    Must. Spend. More. Money! /sarc

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