Ted Cruz defeated Beto O’Rourke for the Senate in Texas.

The Left is all salty over it.  One Tweet went viral.

This reminds me very much of the nickname social media gave to the PM of Canada, “woke bae.”

I wish I had seen this sooner because it opens the door for the perfect new Beto nickname, “Texas Trudeau.”

Because of his overwhelming popularity with the Left in California and the East Coast, you know he will be back.

Beto was on Ellen and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  Beto yard signs were spotted in California and Connecticut.  He was a national candidate, for Senate in Texas.  It was clear he was being groomed to pull an Obama, severe one term in the Senate and run for President in 2024.

The whole Beto campaign has really inspired me to push for a Constitutional Amendment.

First, I’d like to repeal the 17th Amendment and end the direct election of Senators.

Second, I’d like to limit campaign contributions to House and Senate races to being only from individuals who reside in a state.

Something needs to be done to stop a bunch of California and New York millionaires from filling the war chests of Senate races in Alabama, Arkansas, the Dakotas, and so on.  It is a direct attack on the sovereignty of the states.

Yeah, I know that will make it hard for the NRA to do what it does.  At the same time it will make it impossible for a single billionaire like Bloomberg to bankroll campaigns outside New York.

That might be worth the cost.  A state branch of the the NRA using only the money of the gun owners of that state would probably have a much better chance of making an impact if it didn’t have to compete with a handful of big money out of state donors.

I really don’t believe our Founding Fathers envisioned a system in which a race in Georgia is half funded by Long Island donors.

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By J. Kb

9 thoughts on “Beto will be back”
  1. How about the “Warren-O’Rourke Amendment” making it illegal to run for office if you claim or use a nickname that implies a different ethnicity than you were born with./s

  2. As you suggest, South Dakota has suffered from the effects of outside money, and ended up passing some particularly execrable ballot initiatives in 2016. Last night, we killed an outside attempt at a horrible constitutional amendment, passed a ballot initiative to limit outside money on ballot initiatives and referenda, and passed a constitional amendment that raises the requirement for approving a referred constitutional amendment from >50% to 55% (I think it should be higher, but this is an improvement). My faith in SD voters has been boosted.

  3. Texas Trudeau will be as an effective candidate for POTUS as Cankles was in 2008 & 2016… but sure progtards, run with that. LOL!

  4. The NRA dosen’t really hand out much money any ways as it’s mostely grassroute in origion so it probably wouldent hurt them much.

  5. That tweet reeks of personality cult.

    That’s scary enough before adding in the political aspect.

  6. If the donors are that rich, they will simply first buy a home in the state, then donate. I would agree that out of state donations are a problem. I don’t know that any laws would truely be able achieve the stated end. I’m also not a big fan of “There ought to be a law”.

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