First this:

Then this:

Biden, or at least his handlers, know this.

They know that the vaccine mandate on truckers will hurt the supply even more.

Leon Trotsky said “In a country where the sole employer is the State, opposition means death by slow starvation. The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat.”

We were supposed to obey, not just the vaccine mandate but the requirement to vote for Hillary Clinton.

We didn’t obey and so the Left is punishing us

Gas prices, food prices, empty shelves, the purpose is to squeeze us until we learn to never vote against them again.

This is a light touch version of the Holodomor.

They know it, they will continue to do it, your suffering is their goal.

This conclusion is inescapable, it is impossible for they to be so wrong by accident.

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Biden’s exacerbating actions on the supply chain crisis are purposeful and malicious”
  1. This conclusion is inescapable, it is impossible for they [sic] to be so wrong by accident.

    What a bunch of us have been saying the whole time.

    If the Biden Administration were merely incompetent, they’d do some things wrong, a few disastrously so, but they’d also do some things right, a few amazingly so. I envision a standard distribution (a bell curve); most complex issues they’d be mostly neutral or maybe a little off the median, with a few at the extremes where they either really do well or really screw up.

    However, that has not been the case.

    Instead, they have shown a striking propensity to always trend towards the wrong choice, and they choose the exact worst possible answer alarmingly often. The only exceptions have been cases in which their actions are predetermined by law (read: they MUST take a specific action and have no other option), and even then they try like hell to wriggle out of it. The bell curve is skewed WAY to the left, such that a middling/neutral solution is rare, and doing well is so unlikely as to be almost impossible.

    That cannot be a coincidence, and is not adequately explained by random chance or incompetence. Statistically speaking, the only conclusion supported by the numbers is that they are TRYING to do everything wrong.

    1. For those unfamiliar (I’m sure this is a minority on this blog, but just in case): Another easy way to visualize a standard distribution is by rolling two six-sided dice, faces numbered one through six. There are 36 (six times six) possible outcomes.

      7 is the single most common outcome; there are six ways to add up to 7, so the probability is 6 of 36. It’s also the “median”; if you listed out all 36 outcomes, in order of value, the one in the very center is the median, and in this case it’s 7.

      6 and 8 are the next most common outcomes; there are five ways to get 6 and five to get 8, so the probability of each is 5 of 36.

      Next is 5 and 9, each with a probability of 4 of 36. And so on and so forth.

      The pattern you should see is, the further you get from the median (7), the less likely that outcome is, until you get to the extremes: double-1 (2, a.k.a. “snake eyes”) and double-6 (12), probability of 1 in 36 each.

      Because of that, most outcomes will be within a couple of the median — 6, 7, and 8 cover almost half (16 of 36).

      That’s the kind of distribution we could expect from the Biden Administration if they were merely incompetent: mostly pretty close to neutral. It’d be more or less random chance.

      So how are they consistently rolling “snake eyes”, and how long before America decides the dice must be weighted?

  2. The Johnson and Johnson Vaccine is a Single Dose.

    What is preventing the Brandon Mis-Administration from Requiring all illegal immigrants vaccinate after they cross the border, or go back home? Everyone 5-11 is now eligible.

    Don’t want to vaccinate? Show us Proof of Vaccination. Except their Proof of Vaccination would prove many “Refugees” like the Haitians were actually safely settled in South America for many years. Their Proof! would be signed by Chilean, Uruguyan, Brazilian and Argentinian Governments.

  3. OH! I forgot the reason why we do not forcibly vaccinate illegal immigrants!

    It is against the Nuremburg Laws to coerce those illegal immigrants to vaccinate. Too Bad that does not apply to American Citizens, Australian Citizens, and European Citizens.

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