A young man, Peter Mielke, 19, was an employee at a pizza parlor in Bellaire, Texas, and was shot and killed during an armed robbery.  The news report says that Peter complied with the robbers demand for money and then was shot multiple times.  The murderer’s identity is as of yet unknown and police are asking for help from anybody that might know something about the crime.

This is a sad story.

Moms Demand Action managed to make it worse.

Pizza Robbery

“Help us fight our nationa’s lax gun laws and ‘guns everywhere’ culture, which endangers our families.”

Um… WTF!?!  When MDA screeches about “guns everywhere culture” they are usually talking about concealed carry.  Even when ranting about open carry in Texas, that still requires the carrier to have a permit, which in the state of Texas involves a fingerprint background check.  So it MDA going out on the limb that the murderer who robbed a pizza parlor was a CCW permit holder?  Color me skeptical on that one.

I don’t think Texas’ lax gun laws or “guns everywhere culture” are responsible for this one.  Why?  Because New York City has some of the toughest gun laws on the books and virtually no concealed carry, yet a quick search of the NYC CBS local news shows that armed robbery is a pretty common occurrence there.

This murder isn’t the product of Texas’ love of guns.  This is the result of a bad guy engaged in criminal activity.  If there is a culture responsible for this, isn’t not the one where loving families go to the range and target shoot together.

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By J. Kb

5 thoughts on “Bit of a disconnect”
  1. I think again it is the misconception that everyone with a gun is a potential criminal,this is the concept that is making the country a more dangerous place to live.When they choose to make law abiding citizens look criminal it is just enpowering the real criminals more.

  2. If it were truly a ‘guns everywhere culture’, perhaps there would have been a gun or three there to STOP this bad guy.

  3. I deliver pizza (one of the most dangerous jobs) and my wife works to front counter and phones. We’ve discussed this several times. Including fighting back if some scumbag want’s them to go to the back. Usually that’s a sign that you are going to die, so you might as well fight back with everything you have. They try to keep me in the store as much as they can at night. Luckily, my boss is good with me carrying. When I first started there, I survey the AO and know where all the good cover and all of the security cameras are.

    We just hired another driver that also carries. He’s locally famous because a few years ago he was on a delivery and a guy tried to rob him with a gun. He overpowered the douche and put three rounds in his midsection. Pizza hut fired him. That’s what the big name companies do. I asked the boss when that was going on if he would fire me if I shot a robber. He said as long as I was legal to carry, he was fine with it. So now we have two armed drivers, which pretty much puts one of us in the store at all times. OPSEC has never been better. Especially since my wife and oldest son both work there.

  4. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these the same folks who said “just give them what they want and they’ll leave you alone”?

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