Does anybody see/know if there is something wrong with this code?


<div class=”gfm-embed” data-url=””></div><script defer src=””></script>


It is supposed to be for a GoFundMe button, but I only get a huge blank space as result.


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By Miguel.GFZ

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13 thoughts on “Bit of help with some code”
  1. Barring any errors showing up on the console, I’d look at how the style class “gfm-embed” is defined. Have you tried the developer tools (Ctrl-Shift-I in Chrome on Windows).

      1. I’m not familiar with ‘defer” but I think Rob is right, plus what does the js code do – hopefully it inserts the button for you. You need someone with js skills to take a peek under the hood.

  2. It looks like you maybe copied the code from Word or something, and your double-quotes might be throwing the HTML off. They are the “fancy” kind, that have both a left and right version. I’ve been coding for 25 years and still don’t know what they’re called. Try this:

    I can’t truly debug your code without testing it on a real server, but you already have a GoFundMe button on the right, so perhaps this is a mute point.

    1. Crap. I didn’t put my code sample in a code wrap. Sorry. Try replacing all the ” in your code with “. Otherwise, I’d have to go to GoFundMe and track down their code samples to try and see what’s different.

    2. You are absolutely correct. All of the quotes are wrong. HTML requires the quote character. You are using “left quote” and “right quote” which look better in print but are not good code.

      I put the code as you had it in a page. Nothing. Once I corrected the quotes it worked correctly.

  3. From the GoFundMe widget page: If you’re using the WordPress platform, the widget will only work if you’re subscribed to their Business Plan. WordPress restricts the use of some HTML tags on their Free, Personal, and Premium Plans for security purposes. You can read more about WordPress code here.

        1. You’re using a personal installation on your own server so you shouldn’t be restricted by wp.

          I’m thinking that it might be how you’re trying to embed it. Are you trying to put it in a widget, page or post? Gutenberg might be messing with it.

          Are you pasting it in the html code side of the editor?

  4. It’s now showing up on the bottom of the mobile page. You might have just needed to refresh your browser.

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