From KOMO News comes a story that is balanced. Go read it. Give them the click.

“When Black folks came to this country we didn’t have guns. We were slaves. So, the gun was something like a Bible in the slave masters’ quarters. It was something you looked at but you didn’t touch. Now that’s been demystified,” said Philip Smith, president of the National African American Gun Association.

On their website, NAAGA says single Black women are one of the fastest-growing groups of firearms owners as exemplified by Lucretia Hughes during her testimony before the House committee hearing on gun violence this week.

“You think that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to me? You, who are calling for more gun control and are the same ones calling to defund the police,” Hughes said to lawmakers. “Who is supposed to protect us?”

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By awa

7 thoughts on “Black gun rights group advocates for more firearms”
  1. Right on brother! For some serious background on this issue, read Negroes and the Gun by Nicholas Johnson. Real history, well researched and well written.

  2. Mr Smith is correct, but for emphasis he could have added that immediately after the abolition of slavery, states started passing gun control laws to ensure that blacks still would remain defenseless.
    And every time you see some left wing person claim that “as soon as black start buying guns the right would clamor for gun control” you see that old Democrat party racism all over again, projecting onto honest people what the left still wants.

  3. When I stand up for gun rights, many colleagues call me “racist,” beecause, well, that’s what they do when someone says something they disagree with.

    I reply “You know, when one of my Progressive acquaintances sees a black guy on the street with a side arm in a holster (I live in a place where that’s legal), they all go “Oh my God — there’s a black man with a gun. He’s going to kill us all.’ When I and my friends see a black guy walking down the street with a side arm in a holster, we all go ‘Man, I wonder where he buys his ammo.'”

    That makes me a racist.

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