This is why we can’t have nice things. Somebody decides not to get vaccinated, and we respect his or her right to do so. But somebody else came with the idea of calling themselves “Purebloods” and now they think themselves superior to those who got the jab and eschew them…even if they supported them.
Understand this: You ain’t Pureblood, you ain’t shit. You are not some magnificent species of man above the rest of us just because you did not get the jab. But you trying to pass yourself as the new Super Human and the rest of us just some sort of sub-humanoids reeks pure Nazi bullshit.


Our contemporary generation of weaklings will naturally decry such a policy and whine and complain about it as an encroachment on the most sacred of human rights. But there is only one right that is sacrosanct and this right is at the same time a most sacred duty. This right and obligation are: that the purity of the racial blood should be guarded, so that the best types of human beings may be preserved and that thus we should render possible a more noble development of humanity itself.


In striving for this it must bear in mind the fact that we are
members of the highest species of humanity on this earth, that we have a
correspondingly high duty, and that we shall fulfil this duty only if we inspire the German people with the racial idea, so that they will occupy themselves not merely with the breeding of good dogs and horses and cats, but also care for the purity of their own blood.

Mein Kampf – Adolf Hitler

So, fuck you for your faux superiority and shitting on those who supported you.
You don’t like my view? There is the fucking door and good riddance. I don’t need you or want you hanging around mu blog.
Obviously, this rant does not apply to the Unvaxxed who do not need to join a cute name club to feel secure about their life’s decisions.
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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

25 thoughts on “Blood Purity and the Purebloods”
  1. Somewhere in “Mein Kampf” is a weird paragraph about foxes. That does not make fox lovers Nazis.

    “Pureblood” in the context of vaccination status is a meme. Don’t take something that people whose mascot is an autistic frog come up with too serious.

    Especially if it is clearly based on Harry Potter (vaccinated are called “mudbloods” in that context) and not on Rassenlehre.
    It originated as an ironic term. Maybe some people are not getting the joke and taking it too serious – but there’s always “that guy”.

  2. Miguel, I think you’re missing the point. It’s used as push back against those that would use the full force of law, society and commerce to attempt medical rape on those that do not consent. As a nonvaxxed, I don’t really care that you have the vax. You made a choice for yourself. I made a choice for myself, yet some(not you or J.) want to force me to change, and ridicule is a powerful weapon. I think I read about that in some famous book… In that same book was the idea to use your enemies tools against them. They are using othering language against us, so we’re going to use it right back. If you pay attention, no one that uses the pureblood name is calling for any consequences for the other side, except in direct response to immediate force used against them(self defense basically), while the “Forces of Good”( that would be the tyrants, et all) ARE calling for consequences for my choice, and THEY are the ones calling for and using camps…

    1. Birdog has it right. Some context is needed here. And the context is the labeling and the different treatment people are receiving whether or not they got the vax. That’s it. Of course there are going to be a few douches that take it to the extreme with any real sentiments of superiority. But I think a few memes here and there is about the extent of it. No one is promoting racial purity at all. So the nazi comparisons are a bit much. The whole thing is probably better off being ignored.

    2. Yep. Exactly what birddog said. I once worked as a biologist for an Indian tribe. I found out that they called me ho-quat behind my back. Translated it means “white poop that washed up on the beach”. It was the equivalent of N!$$@r. F-em. I owned that shit. I got a big black flight jacket with “ho-quat pride” on it, exactly like their “native pride” jackets. Owned it like a boss. They all shut the hell up. If someone wants to call me a “pureblood”, I guess I would own that too. Words only have power if they are GIVEN power. Except for “fire” if you’re in front of a firing squad!!! To me, “pureblood” is the same dog whistle as “let’s go brandon”.

  3. Hey Miggy

    I have had kung-flu twice, don’t want the vaxx for that reason, besides the second shot killed my Dad. Personal choice, you want it, or you don’t, I’m good either way. I wish others were the same way, but I catch a lot of crap from the covid crowd because I’m unvaxxed,, they are trying to limit where I can go, block my access to society, threaten my livlihood, and try to publicly shame me because of my choices. I get the “pureblood” pushback against the covidkarens,. I wouldn’t use it because it makes me like them, trying to create 2 classes of people, the good and the dirty underclass. I am a student of history and know what happens when such things continue, it is called “genocide “, and Hitler wasn’t the first guy to do it, just the most well known in modern history.

  4. I have been attacked on my own blog in the same way.
    I have made the statement that whether or not you get the jab is a personal decision that each of us should be allowed to make after consulting with our physician. Each time I make that statement, there is always some asshat that comes along in the comments and tells me how I am not pureblood, and how this vaccine is somehow going to result in everyone who got it passing birth defects on to their children, and how everyone who gets the jab will die.

    It’s hyperbolic nonsense with no basis in fact or evidence. Do we now know that, for most people, the vaccine carries more risk than benefit? I would say that the evidence certainly seems to say so. At the same time, there is no evidence that everyone is going to pass anything along to their offspring, nor is there evidence that everyone will die.

    This “pureblood” nonsense began as a joke, and then a bunch of incels with neckbeards got ahold of it and believe “I’m gonna have my pick of supermodels when it’s time for the purebloods to repopulate the Earth. Hope some of ’em are unvaxxed.” as one of my commenters put it.

    Just ignore them.

  5. I’m pretty sure ‘pureblood meme’ is 4chan type trolling. You know, like ‘ok hand sign’ is signaling white supremacy.

  6. I’ve had the disease, have a functioning immune system, and for that reason don’t see a need to get the vaccine.

    This is the absolute first I’ve heard about “purebloods”. I take it as a joke. Pushback against those that would consider me as deplorable “untermensch” for not complying.

    When vaccination status comes up in conversation, I will ask if they got the zombie version or the Lovecraftian fishman version. It’s a joke, and is taken as such.

  7. This is what happens when shiny hats and grandma panties are both too tight. Lighten up Francis.
    Yes, there are people who believe this shit. There are also still people who believe that 6’1″ blond and blue eyed men are the embodiment of “Aryan,” instead of the actual historical people still extant today that look like the Mad Mullahs of Iran (which country shares a root word with “aryan” and which fact will confuse and enrage the racists).
    There are people that believe that the Hale-Bopp comet was an alien mother ship that collected its most devoted and self-castrated devotees back in the 90s.
    There are people that believe that 2020 was a legitimate election, and that Xao Bi Den is the smartest president ever.
    One of the above beliefs is actually dangerous at the moment, evem though theyre all stupid.

    Crazy people can be found everywhere.

    Making a stupid internet meme into something worse than it really is, is just unnecessarily elevating your own blood pressure.

    1. Jesus holy fuck. Please tell me you guys ain’t that effing blind. Not specially in commenting in this blog. What is next? “We are proud members of the Reserve Police Battalion 101”? “It is OK Migs, it is just a stupid internet meme.

      1. So if I’ve used the word “Pureblood” to describe myself and other humans who kept away from the clot shot, that makes me an evil Nazi, right? Me oh my, what will my rabbi say to this?
        The vaccinated doth protest too much, methinks. Feeling a need to defend your choice to give into fear and peer-pressure by receiving a totally safe (until it’s not) and totally effective (until it’s not) vaccine? Perhaps you should think about why that is rather than thinking that there are evil people lurking behind every door… Or realize that this is the internet and people troll on the internet. Welcome to lessons we were teaching our parents and grandparents for literal decades.

          1. Funny, it’s not us unvaxed who are openly calling for the military to forcibly subject millions of innocent people to dangerous medical experimentation.

            I guess being opposed to that makes me an eeeeeviiiiil Nazi.
            Then again, supporting freedom of speech and assembly also makes you a Nazi these days, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

            PS I’ll consider treating vaxholes like something other than grotesque subhuman monsters when they stop treating me like a Jew living in Hitler’s Germany, and not a single nanosecond sooner.

            PPS I’m not criticizing you because you’re vaxxed, I’m doing it because your viciously slandering innocent people who would be your allies because they laughed at a fucking meme.

  8. When BLM screams at me that I’m racist, because I’m white, I don’t hang my head in shame, but I also don’t run around yelling “White Power”. When Biden and others tell me that I’m to blame for the spread of Covid because I’m unvaxxed, I’m not hanging my head in shame for that lie either. PureBlood to me means simply that I didn’t alter my DNA with the shot. It doesn’t make me superior to anybody. I never associated it with Nazi thinking, or with the KKK (remember their rule was that one drop of Negro blood makes you a Negro). If PureBlood offends, then lets get a better title. How about Non-GMO?

  9. I can say with complete and total certainty that this iteration at least STARTED as a 4chan meme a while back before COVID, turning a Harry Potter fandom thing into a white supremacist thing, then they ran with it more after the vaccines came out. It got bigger play over the summer, and then the actual morons got ahold of it and started to run with it.

  10. I’m a little unclear on some of the details here. So, like, if I’ve been Phized twice but not gonna get more, and the effect gradually fades, does that mean that I’ m going to get gradually more purer bloodish ? When would I get my shoulder patch?

  11. Lots of people got vaccinated including most of my family. Some of them because they thought it would work. A crapton of people got vaccinated so they wouldn’t lose their jobs. I think the “vaccine” is as effective as the flu shots I never bother to get and frankly dangerous to young people. And if we are doing a history lesson, that SOB Biden and his crew are guilty of Nuremberg crimes. But I’m not going to shame people for maybe thinking that the government aren’t really mass murderers or that they need a job to eat. And Purebloods has to be the dumbest thing that I have heard of since the tide pod challenge. And if MRNA changes your DNA, you lost your purity the first time you ever caught a flu. All viruses replicate by RNA, the m stands for manufactured.

  12. You really let me down with this today. I support both sides in the vaccination debate if it is personal choice. Now though, you allowed yourself to be triggered to a point of offence. I have not been vaccinated, nor do I have intention to. I have been attacked as a group for months, and the only reaction I or any of us have been allowed was compliance. I have seen the pureblood memes and I believe they are humor. I we deserve to laugh at an idea after the beating we have taken. I am sorry something triggered you, I truly am, but I BELIEVE you are better than lashing out at the part of the unvaccinated group, who are normal folk, like I believe you are normal folk. Please reconsider the hatred of the normal folks who have been lashed out at and who have found a bit of humor after the long fight against our own government. Happy New Year, and a Better New Year.

  13. Miguel, so far you are on the nazi’s side… but it’s a good and comfortable place to be, safe from viruses and with job security. With excellent neighbors, a couple of presidents (one tyrant and one imbecile, hard to tell which is which most of the time).
    The idiotic pure bloods took a gamble with their lives and lost their living, but at least they can quote obscure parts from German propaganda while wearing their yellow patches on the chest, on their way to wellness camps, were “vaccines will set them free”.
    Are you that blind?

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