I’m going to be blunt with The New York Times.

In the last few days I have covered a couple things the NYT has done that were obscenely racist towards white people.  In the last year, I’ve covered even more.

This include Sarah Jeong’s Tweets, the NYT’s saying that the white population of New Hampshire (and most of New England) was a problem and needed to be thinned out, and saying that black people cannot be friends with white people because of Trump.

The question shouldn’t be “should Jeong get fired?” but “why the fuck did anyone familiar with her Twitter feed think it was okay to hire her?”

This is the same New York Times that employs a sports writer who ginned up outrage against sportscaster Doug Adler, which ultimately to Adler being fired and having has career destroyed.  What did Adler do?  Described Venus William’s style of play at the Australian Open – fast paced and aggressive – as the “guerrilla effect.”  The Times writer (deliberately) misinterpreted it as “gorilla” and accused Adler of racism and comparing blacks to primates.

Of course the word guerrilla has nothing to do with race, it comes from Spanish, meaning “little war.”  It was in reference to the insurrectionist tactics used by Spanish peasants against the French army in the Peninsula War.  It has come to mean any style that is aggressive and unconventional, such as “guerrilla marketing” in advertisement.

A white man makes an anodyne statement praising a black person using a word that is a near homophone to a great ape and The New York Times essentially makes him unemployable.

An Asian woman takes to social media to equate white people to dogs and celebrates the extinction of white people and she gets put on the editorial board.

The New York Times has made it clear as an institution that they pretty much hate white people and don’t seem to understand just how antagonistic that is to a broad swath of America and what the ramifications are.

So this is me being totally blunt.

Right now I guarantee that there is more than a few white nationalists or white supremacists who are thinking of pulling a Charlie Hebdo over at The New York Times.

If or when that happens, a large swath of Americans is going to mouth pieties about free speech and how “that shouldn’t have happened” but they are not going to shed a tear or really give a shit about a bunch of vitriolic racists getting their comeuppance.

When you are the Paper of Record that sees Antifa beating the hell out of Conservatives on college campuses and at Trump rallies and decided to give them fashion advice instead of condemnation, you’re not going to get much sympathy when some alt-Righter pays you back with bullets.

This is the fire they are playing with, I hope they understand that.


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By J. Kb