From Fox News:

Man who shot at California cop previously deported, arrested but cops wouldn’t honor ICE detainer, feds say

The illegal immigrant killed Sunday in a shootout with a California cop had been deported three times and arrested and released over ICE’s objection on several occasions — including cases involving the very department whose officer took him down in a dramatic exchange caught on her body cam.

In a graphic, 48-second clip released Wednesday, body camera footage from Sunday’s traffic stop shows Javier Hernandez Morales rolling down his window, grabbing a handgun and opening fire. Napa County sheriff’s Deputy Riley Jarecki narrowly avoided getting struck before running to the other side of the car, firing at least 15 shots into the red Honda.

Hernandez Morales, 48, died at the scene and the deputy was not seriously injured, officials said.

Here is the video from the Napa County Sheriff:

When in doubt, empty the magazine into the threat.

That really shows you just how fast shit and go south on you.  It wasn’t a fraction of a second between when you see the gun and when this asshole fires on the officer.

A second weapon – a loaded .22-caliber rifle – was found in the backseat of the Honda in addition to the pistol.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Hernandez Morales has been deported three times before 2011 – twice in 2007 and once again in 2010.

Since then, ICE had issued four separate detainers for him related to various arrests including suspicion of driving under the influence, battery on a peace officer and unknown probation violations.

So we have an illegal immigrant with multiple convictions and deportations in possession of two guns.

Exactly how did that happen in California.  California has such strict gun laws.  Clearly this must be the fault of the NRA.

Thank God, training, and pure dumb luck that this police officer wasn’t killed in this incident.

Like Clint Smith says, when faced with someone trying to kill you “shoot till it’s empty.”

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By J. Kb

6 thoughts on “Body cam shooting from Napa Valley”
  1. How is the officer not dead or seriously wounded? Scared the crap out of me when I watched it, the officers need partners. I think I would have emptyed all the mags I had at that POS, then sue California for my ptsd

  2. Of course Dems/Leftists want to deny every Citizens’ ability to exercise their rights, but will continually cover for the criminality and evil of their “protected” people.

  3. Active Self Protection featured this video today. Both news stories John cited made no mention of Javier Hernandez Morales’s legal status in the United States. One did mention he had previous arrests and active warrants and his use of aliases.

    I’m shocked the press keeps accidentally omitting this seemly nonrelevant marker. Very strange.

  4. Glad to see the officer wasn’t hit, considering how quickly things unfolded.

    Another scumbag taking a well deserved dirt nap. Let see him try the “sanctuary city” b.s. in Hades.

  5. God bless this officer, and I’m glad we don’t have to worry about deporting this worthless POS ever again.

    Politicians who pass sanctuary laws should be arrested, prosecuted, and imprisoned. For years.

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