I saw this meme and I had to share it with fellow bibliophiles.


And the number one reason I don’t lend books is because Neutral Evil and Chaotic Evil. Same for whomever highlights, underlines or writes notes in the margins of pages: We will have words and then some serious shit will happen.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

10 thoughts on “Bookmarking Styles”
  1. This got a good chuckle, thanks. Good to know that I bounce between chaotic good & lawful evil.
    Adult chaotic evil people need to be hunted down and given a thousand papercuts to the genitalia for every book they defiled.

  2. The last (not ‘most recent’, truly the very last, forever) book I lent I asked once, demanded twice the borrower to return. He is a ‘respectable’ lawyer alleged Christian man with family in the Dallas area.

    After hemming and hawing he finally confessed he lent it to a friend. Get it back!, I bellowed. It turned out that friend had shoved it in a backpack where it sat in evidence locker at an airport because it was covered with residue from explosives.

    I never got it back. It was my personalized copy on mountain flying by Sparky Imesen. I cannot fathom how thoughtless and careless of other people’s property one could be. They are nothing but thugs and thieves.

    1. Last book I lent was a history of the SR 71 complete with blueprints and amazing photos. former friend of mine who was an aeronautical engineer begged to borrow it and I stupidly did.
      Never saw it again and he could not remember what he did with it.

      1. Bummer. BTW, did you know that the SR-71 flight manual can be found on-line? I have a copy. It was sold (on a pair of CDs) which I thought was fine, I paid for the cost of scanning and packaging. But the clown put a copyright notice on each page, which of course is invalid. So I erased all those.
        About 10 pages are omitted, radar surveillance instrument descriptions of I remember right. But that’s about 1% of the total. If you want a copy, let me know, I’d be happy to duplicate it for you.
        I haven’t lost anything that precious, but I sure would like my first edition of “Probability Broach” back. And I lament the lovely books my father had that disappeared sometime between when I moved out and the time he died. One of them was a Bible from the 1600s (actually from that time, not a reprint). For all those I don’t even know who to blame, unfortunately; the most likely suspect is dead now also.

  3. I used a playing card for a long time. Eight of Diamonds, IIRC. The rest of the deck had been discarded (heh!) long before because it was missing too many cards; I found this one later. (Actually, now that I think about it, I probably still have that card, marking the place in my umpteenth re-read of Hitchhiker’s Guide). I think this falls somewhere around Chaotic Good.

    The question is, where does “dustcover flap” fall into the alignment matrix? I’m thinking Chaotic Neutral. And the leaf is only Chaotic Neutral if it’s fully dried; if there’s any moisture left in it at all, it’s clearly Chaotic Evil.

    RE: highlights and margin notes: I’m not gonna pass judgment — everyone enjoys books their own way — as long as you do it in your own damn book! Library books and personally-owned books are off-limits. The only extraneous marks I allow in my non-textbook books are author autographs. My college textbooks, of course, have their share of highlights and margin notes; then again, that’s expected for textbooks you intend to keep.

    But mark up one of my novels, and the least you can expect is that I’ll never let you borrow another.

  4. Chaotic neutral is bad enough. Neutral evil and chaotic evil is death penalty right off. If the book is out of print, 1st edition, or not yours, it is torture, death, revived, death, dismemberment, exhumed, death. Totally not kidding.

  5. I have books that are 50+ years old that look like they have never been opened that I’ve read multiple times. I care about my friends(books).

    My books have taken me to places most young people can only view through the lens of some director on TV or in the theater.

    But in the same category as the dog earring criminal is the “break the spine” mass murders.

    I once loaned a favorite friend of mine to a person. They said thank you and then in front of my eyes opened my friend and bent it backwards till the spine broke. To “make it easier to read”.

    I took my friend back and sent that mass murder out the door.

    She never did figure out why she was never again allowed to touch one of my friends.

  6. In my youth I was neutral evil.

    Now, in my middle age I’m somewhere between Chaotic Good & True Neutral. For a while I used a dollar bill. It actually makes sense when you consider a “real” book mark costs somewhere between a $1&1/2 to $5

  7. Oh man, where do photographs and tcg cards put me?

    Side note, a nice thing about used books is you do often find some interesting bookmarks. I once got a $50 liberty dollar sample note that was being used as a bookmark in the book about liberty dollars I bought.

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