There was a kerfuffle between Ted’s fans and the show’s promoter in Roanoke. For reasons that I still do not understand, the promoter did not allow guns in the arena and somebody said it was Ted Nugent who originated such order. He was not pleased:

But that does not mean squat to the Lie-Spreaders of the Brady Campaign who had no trouble being trampoline for a third-party.

Somebody in the comments pointed out lies is all they have. But I want to point out something that is pissing me off a bit: Those in our side that automatically bemoaned against Ted without checking if the news item was true.

Listen, I get that ted can be harsh and even coarse with his language.  But is your dislike for Ted so much you will automatically assume what the Opposition publish about him to be the truth and bitch about it in Social Media?

And about having Ted Nugent as part of the NRA Board of Directors and that our enemies do not like him. Sparky, I am gonna quote myself once again:

We can elect Jesus Christ himself to be President of the NRA and the Democrats and the Media will hate him, accuse him of trying to overthrow the Roman Empire, subvert Judaism, make wine without a license and distribute suspicious fish and baked goods.

That is it. Trying to get somebody palatable to the Gun Control crowd would mean to elect Bloomberg, Shannon Watts and David Hogg to the NRA BOD. Stop whining.


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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

19 thoughts on “Brady spreading more crap about Ted Nugent.”
  1. I suspect this is a manifestation of the same lies promulgated about NRA conventions. If guns were banned, it was the venue not the artist.

  2. Amen Sir. I just cringe when “gun owners” start whining. I dont care if you own a BB gun or 750 plus machine guns like that guy in Colorado, WE THE PEOPLE who own guns are all painted with the 4foot brush called media. We have to stop turning on ourselves like the liberals do. WE are not perfect. Its like the Ford vs Chevy argument. It dont freakin matter what you have for firearms! Join a gun rights group ANY of them. Ted is a huge friend to us and when the left lie about him, dont believe it and make more of an idiot of yourself..

      1. No idea what “all of the side” and “from the left field” means…if you need to know what I said, it’s right there in the comment. Easy stuff.

        1. He’s asking if you believe Ted Nugent suddenly switched to anti-gun. Do you?

          And, yes, the GM of an organization that has taken an anti-2nd amendment stand DOES stand to gain by lying about it. Roanoke is likely to draw a pro-2nd audience, while having an anti-2nd city culture, which she is likely part of.

    1. From the interview you posted: “It was a sub-agreement between the promoter and the agent, who represents Mr. Nugent”.

      Doesn’t say which side stipulated the “no guns” rule (I’d wager the promoter) and no indication that Ted was directly aware of the stipulation.

      If you expect me to believe that Ted Nugent himself asked for the show to be gun-free, you’re going to have to provide better evidence than that interview.

  3. Thanks for the translation.

    No, I don’t think Nugent switched to anti-gun. I think he’s still pro-gun, except at this venue…which is where the hypocrisy comes in, right?

    The blog post doesn’t mention the anti-2A stand by the GM of the venue. In the clip that I referenced the GM seems pretty cool with the idea of firearms in the center and states that they have a policy, in fact, to allow it. But in this case, Nugent, through his promoter, requested that they not be allowed in. That’s according to the GM.

    Like I said, believe who you want, but the GM comes across as very believable in the clip, IMO.

    1. In other words, you prefer to believe in a sudden change to an otherwise consistent man than in a dishonest bureaucrat.

  4. It really does not matter who made the call about no guns allowed. Was the concert a success, did everyone enjoy themselves, hopefully no one was hurt that it what really matters. I am pro gun, have a carry permit, and a Ted Nugent follower and NRA member but when you get that many people in one place the chance of an fool with to much to drink or just disturbed guns are not needed. No need to take that kind of a chance. I think good call to ban guns in that type of place. Some how I think Ted would even agree. Just don’t try to take my GUNS!

  5. The left hates Jesus anyway just like they hate our President and hate conservatives and hate anyone who is pro life. The left hates just to hate.

  6. To reiterate from my comment on another gunnie blog about this, regardless of who banned what and when, TN certainly is a::

    “wackjob faux outlaw rocker who uses our rights as a PR ploy.”

    Which this right here might actually be. Yeah, my 40-year pawn-dar which has rarely been wrong leads me to not trust or like the dude. Paranoid skeptic? Yes, yes I am.

    And from the same comment,

    “OC is stupid in most contexts. Including this one.”

    If some say that opinion in itself makes me an asshole…well I won’t disagree; that is an epithet that I tend to embrace, rather like “redneck” , “deplorable”, or “bitter clinger”. And if some should also say that opinion should always be suppressed and never be expressed? Eff them; the purpose of 2A is defend 1A, among other things.

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