Fellow Twitter “Gun Nut” @hazmatpat got this screen capture Facebook post from Brady Member Michael Bannerman.

Apparently Mr. Bannerman was ranting because he went to a Big Box Home Improvement store and saw a citizen carrying openly legally. The Open Carrier was just shopping minding his own business but in true hoplophobic fashion, Mr. Bannerman felt threatened.  This particular post is interesting because we are always accused of taking the laws on our hands (or desperately wanting to) and having fantasies about being heroes, yet Mr. Bannerman wants to do exactly that and in the process break several laws.

“Could I use non-deadly force to bring him down and render him not a threat?”
Now this is a question full of fail. (IANAL Warning) The simple fact of touching the individual without his consent is simple assault. Upping to “non-lethal” force to “bring him down” takes Mr. Bannerman into Aggravated Assault and at least in Florida that is considered a Forcible Felony. Next he wants to “render him not a threat” and that can be taken as either inflicting enough injury on the person to cause bodily harm which is Aggravated Battery (another Forcible Felony) or trying to disarm the person which can be interpreted by the victim as Attempted Murder, also a Forcible Felony.

If District Attorney is in a very forgiving mood, Mr. Bannerman can be slapped with a felony of third degree, a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years. Or he can go for the free upgrades to felony on the second or first that apply to Aggravated Battery and Attempted Murder and we are talking about 15 and 30 years worth of “watching bars time-don’t pick up the soap-you look great in orange-meet your new boyfriend Bubba Jose Lamar.”

Oh, by the way, in Florida once you are committing a Forcible Felony, the victim is allowed to defend himself with Deadly Force according to Florida Statutes 776.012.

In other words (actually your people’s words, Mr. Bannerman) playing Superman or Rambo may get you killed.

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By Miguel.GFZ

Semi-retired like Vito Corleone before the heart attack. Consiglieri to J.Kb and AWA. I lived in a Gun Control Paradise: It sucked and got people killed. I do believe that Freedom scares the political elites.

66 thoughts on “Brady’s Michael Bannerman: hankering for a trip to jail.”
  1. Lack the Bannerman is such a pussy he wouldn’t dare. He talks tough, but when he saw the gun his knees turned to water and he probably almost peed himself.

    Now bear in mind that Bannerman wants to limit guns to government agents, presumably ones he and his left wing cronies control. He imagines that since he is terrified of guns that we will shake in terror and pee ourselves rather than demand our rights.

    What does that say about him?

  2. The use of non-lethal force would still be misdemeanor simple assault in Pennsylvania. You don’t get to aggravated assault until it’s deadly force being used, or you’re assaulting a police officer.

    1. Wouldn’t that change once he made a grab for the gun though (in PA that is)? Like, would doing so escalate it to deadly force?

      1. Once he made a grab for the gun on me (in MN, but it’s immaterial to this), he’d be in a fight for his life since touching me is assault upon my person, and I’m going to the fullest extent I can to stop it- even if it’s gutting the sh… turd… with the knife on my pocket. That is, after I break every bone in his damn arm and adjust his face to a more presentable resemblance to ground beef. If he can get off the floor without EMT assistance, I’m going to consider myself a wuss and the next time he tries same…
        Seriously, I really, truly wish one of those POS would try disarming me.

        1. I got $5k here that I can take your gun and shove the barrel up your ass in less than 12 seconds. Cream puff breezers like you need to be schooled.

          I don’t know when you lost your humility and sense, but it would be my pleasure to check your fake bravado, cup cake.

        2. No you don’t cupcake. Trust me, you don’t. Then again, maybe you’d enjoy waking up with a pistol shoved deep in your rectum. (wink)

  3. This is a lot like that line about the old timer teaching the open carrying guy at the gunstore a lesson. Such BS is a great way to get cut to hell. A lot of us are carrying offhand knives now for gun retention. If you’re worried about a gun chances are you’ll never expect that knife.

  4. In other words (actually your people’s words, Mr. Bannerman) playing Superman or Rambo may get you killed.

    And tears would be shed by who? Anyone that afraid of a innanimate object isn’t a threat. If he even thought someone was going to use a gun, he would piss down both legs.It might be fun to watch him run screaming from the building though.

  5. Ironic how those who abhor “violence” are so willing to use it to ensure nobody else does. But that’s their entire objective, isn’t it? To make it so that the only ones who can carry or defend themselves are those that they deem “appropriate”? Ya know, not too long ago, they had places for people like this to meet. It was nice, cozy, had comfy padded walls and friendly men/women in clean white labcoats…

    1. The KKK had a similar attitude toward blacks. The country would be a better, safer place if the anti-gunners were put out of business like the KKK was.

  6. Peison is for conservative scofflaws, they’re worth the cost to rehabilitate. Bannerman’s going to France. No threats there.

  7. All I could think is, what type of IDIOT would approach someone openly armed and try to take them down or take away their gun? It’s like a cairn terrier (e.g. Toto) picking a fight with a great dane (e.g. Marmaduke). It will not end well.

    It would be interpreted as a deadly threat, as you noted, and after this BC member takes two to the chest, no prosecution of the OCer will follow. Well, I guess they could light a candle for him and add him to the “gun deaths” tally (and if he is less than 27, he could count as a “child” gun death, too).

    I think that Michael Bannerman needs a minder, an adult to supervise him at all times.

  8. Not sure about anyone else, but some one jumps at me all of a sudden and I was being attacked in a store out of the blue, I would presume that they are to do me serious bodily harm or death so 2 center mass to stop the threat is justified here in NC. I teach CCW here and just the fact that he was OC dose not constitute a threat. If he felt nervous seeing a law abiding citizen OC his 2nd amendment right then he has the same option everyone else has, if he did not like it he could leave and shop somewhere else.

    1. Do notice something, he does not say “I am gonna call the police.” he wants to take action!
      Basically he wants to do everything they accuse us of wanting to do…. maybe he is a closet gun nut? LOL

      1. You know, that right there pretty much is vigilantism, which they would accuse us of doing if we ever defended ourselves. We would use force when we have no other option, where he’s choosing to use force (preemptively at that) when he has the option to call law enforcement or just leave. Simply baffling how they can reason that.

    2. It’s completely irrelevant how tough you are. If I or someone with my expertise decides I want your sidearm, there’s absolutely not a damn thing you can do about. The questions you really need to ask yourself is- Why are you not concealing your weaponry?? Why are you drawing attention to yourself??

        1. Forgive my English as it is not my primary language. Yes, you are correct, I despise idiots that open carry in malls, coffee shops, Walmart etc. I don’t believe most people want to frolic in a world surrounded by yokels brandishing firearms. Also, tactically it is foolish to open carry.

          Try this and amuse yourselves. Palm a small sledge hammer with handle hidden under your long sleeves. When you see a person open carrying (not a cop or armed courier, lol) nonchalantly approach such person and when close, strike the simpleton on the back of the neck. When they stop convulsing, remove pistol from holster and shove barrel into dummies rectum. Consider it a “learning experience.”

          1. And if there are any witnesses you will go to prison and be right where you belong.
            If the citizens cannot Open Carry, the police shouldn’t be able to either. No weapons should be available to the police that are not available to the common citizen.
            Only the People have Rights. The government, our servants, merely have privileges granted by the People which they abuse every chance they get.

      1. Big deal… my wife can play the piano and I can’t. We all have skill sets we’ve learned. If you feel a need to “want” someone’s sidearm then go for it. And suffer the consequences of attacking a law abiding citizen.

        1. You obfuscate my point. Open carry is tactically unsound unless in uniform representing a person of authority or hiking/hunting in the wilderness. In the police academy, one of the first things they preached was when off duty to never present any evidence of being a cop. Show boating, posing, acting like some idiot flamer prancing around with a gun exposed is a fools game. That some of you don’t get it baffles me frankly.

      2. “If I or someone with my expertise decides I want your sidearm,”

        So, you’re a lawyer then?

        “The questions you really need to ask yourself…”

        There’s a few questions you should be asking yourself:

        Why are you having violent fantasies? (You obviously don’t actually do this, or you would be writing from prison.)
        Why do you feel the need to impress others with violent fantasies?
        Why have you picked a method guarented not to achieve that? (Go back through the responses and see how many people were impressed.)
        Have you considered professional help?

        1. No, I’m not an attorney but I worked as an educator for 15 years at a couple of the most crime ridden high schools in Los Angeles. Also, put in 7 years as a bike cop in diverse towns like Pacoima and Van Nuys. After serving in the Marines, I worked a stint protecting the US Ambassador to Liberia. I’ve seen some shit and ducked my fair share of rounds.
          I don’t understand you attempting to sidestep my points on open carry with your twit bullship about violent fantasies and needing to impress. wtf? Asshole.

          1. You were a cop and a marine… so that means your pistol performance is just above a ganbanger’s. Now, if you are done trolling, I suggest yo get back to your video games and let those who know sidearms continue the discussion.

          2. Oh okay. You’re from California, the state that forgot about the Bill of Rights, filled with the People that permitted it. That makes a lot of sense now.

  9. Too bad Bannerman didn’t try; it would have been amusing reading about him being pistol-whipped for trying to steal someone’s gun.

    1. I’m a vindictive S.O.B so I’ll go even farther and say 2 things.
      A…it would have been satisfying to read his obit if he tried and…
      B Look Ma! Darwinism in action! I TOLD you the theory was sound and accurate!

  10. Open carry is for ignorant, pansy ass posers. Tactically, it’s foolish unless walking in the wilds of Montana or Alaska in grizzly areas.

    I challenge any open carry douche bag $5k to defend themselves from me taking their gun and shoving it up their rectum. Any day, any time.

    1. Wow. The German King sure talks a great story. He completely misses the point, but he sure do talk purty. I predict he will end up in prison one day. Or maybe his mom will throw him out of the basement and force him to get a job.

      1. You’re pretty much right, but, I see throughout the internet how these guys talk all kinds of shit behind a screen. If he were to talk like that in my neck of the woods, in the real world, he would NEVER get away with it, no matter how tough he THINKS he is! I just think that he’s intimidated by people that don’t care if others see themselves carry or not! If I have a right to carry, concealed or not, let anyone TRY to take my weapon(‘s). I’ve proved it before with pretty much the same type of guy, (Navy Seal, so he says), and he ended up in the hospital for a week with me in jail for 1/2 a day. All charges on my part were dropped! I may not be the toughest guy out there but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let ANYONE, including those that think they can, take my firearms away. Oh, and if they succeed, they better kill me, and my family and my, well, you get the picture! lol

        1. Allan, Allan, boobie, come on now, beating the tar out of a fake poser, drunk off his ass, pretend Navy Seal doesn’t make you a tough guy. It makes you a douche bag for not using your big boy skills to avoid a bar fight.
          I can tell by your post that you’re a wuss.
          Guys like you really need to be armed and God Bless you on that. Carry concealed and stay away from places that don’t optimally manage their clientele’s alcohol consumption.

      2. Yeah, you’re a funny one, eh? I’d love to see you dish out your comedy while I’m choking your chicken neck, cream puff, maggot puke, momma’s boy self unconscious. Where you at, anyway? I want a buy you a round of drinks and ask if I can please have traditional, missionary sex with your younger sister. You know, the cuter one. What do you say, Johnny Jag-off? Can I call her?

        1. I’ve POed a lot of anti-gun people over the years and they’ve submitted my name, email and other info to the various blogging main sites as a “spammer” which then automatically throws me into spam depending upon settings. Most of the time I get thru but occasionally it trips me up. I am glad you pulled me out. 🙂

      1. Blow off any constructive discussion about meat heads that feel the urge to prance around with a pistol and AR15…marginalize my comments by labeling me an internet commando? Weak. Feeble. No dick in your trousers, eh Virginia?

        I tell you what…when you have the last surgery to complete your sex change to male, when the hormones have launched a swarthy beard on that milk toast, baby face of yours, you come back and visit. Punk.

    2. “I challenge any open carry douche bag $5k to defend themselves from me taking their gun and shoving it up their rectum. Any day, any time.”

      You’re on. We’ll start at 40 paces on a mud lake bed.

      1. 40 paces? I’m shaking in my boots. Better grab my M82A3 with Schmidt & Bender 3-12 x 50 for this cream puff.

    3. Miguel, aka (candyass) assumes that someone that has been an infantry officer in the Marines and a cop for over 7 years will have the same expertise handling a sidearm as the average gang banger. (you know, the guys that shoot holding their Mac10 sideways, heh heh)

      Miguel also assumes that said Marine and ex cop also limited his gun handling to training provided by respective agencies, yet another blunder.

      Ask any “expert” for their opinion on whether concealed carry is preferred to open carry when moving around as a “ordinary” citizen and I am confident 99% will offer concealed carry as the preferred method.

      Miguel took a couple of combat pistol range courses and goes to sleep every night caressing his beloved Kimber in .40 cal. It’s a heart warming ritual. (collective aaawee shucks)

      He longs for the day he loses his virginity and actually has to legitimately cap a mofo. Ye siree Bob, Miguel can put a whole in the bullseye from 20yds whether sitting, standing or prone…left hand or strong hand. But, will he freeze up or return fire when the bad guy puts a .308 cal rd in his right shoulder and makes hamburger out of his upper arm?

      Miguel, your momma’s calling…says to pick up some tortillas and chorizo. maricon.

      1. As somebody who has shot more ammunition in one year that the your whole department in Cave Junction OR does in a decade and having the great luck to shoot alongside great marksmen who went on to train LEOs and Military, I know what I am talking about a bit better than you can ever do. Now, that the Army is/was behind the times can be proved by two simple and obvious things they are not even try to hide: One is the Army Marksmanship Unit who recruited top civilian shooters to join their ranks and develop new shooting doctrines. AMU also hosts a 3 Gun Match every year bringing the best of Civilian shooters to compere at Ft Bragg with the idea of seeing what these civilians can do when confronted with situations that soldiers have faced and learning new techniques and even the latest in equipment.

        The Marines have sent and keep sending their instructors to “unknown” civilian schools like Thunder Ranch, Gunsite and many others so they can learn the “bettest” and latests and then take it back and train Marines. Even the best of the best military shooters (your Deltas, Seals and Recon) must leave their bases and go learn & train with civilians.

        On the police side, you have people like Scott Reitz, 30 year veteran of the LAPD who had to pay out of his own pocket for many years to learn from the best and train his people even when the white shirts at LAPD refused to acknowledge (and still do) that they needed better training. Like Reitz, there are many other training officers that go outside the department to improve their shooting techniques and pass them along to those unfortunately very few officers that realize improving life-saving techniques beyond what they were taught at the Academy is fundamental to their survival in the street.

        I have been active in shooting sports for 15 years and shot alongside many LEOs and military who took up Action Shooting as a way to practice (and in some cases develop) better shooting. I have seen many a cop who had medals for marksmanship and whatnots being totally trashed by old farts and newbies to the sport; the smart ones stayed and went of to take classes with great instructors and it paid off in real life. I am proud of those officers, they found out that they needed to improve, swallowed their pride and did what was necessary. No fuzz, no drama, just the realization that they needed to stay alive.

        So, just because you were issued a taxpayer-funded gun and badge and managed to place a certain amount of holes anywhere in a target in the time it takes to make tea and crumpets, does not an expert make you. If you feel like doing a search in the Googlespheres in between alcoholics bouts, check for civilian self defense shooting and check the number of rounds that were shot by the “untrained” civilian to put a critter down and then compare with the amount of shots taken by police officers in similar circumstances. You will probably find that a civilian takes one shot per every 5 to 7 rounds shot by an officer.

        Now as for Open carry, it is the person’s decision and I will support it. Would I open carry? doubtfully but that is also my choice. You se, we are pretty much into personal responsibility and letting people have and live with their own decision. Of course, the lack of news where Open Carriers have had their guns snatched are curiously absent since it got to be common starting in 2003. That would be almost 10 years of people like you bemoaning the “dangers” of open carry and same as with Brady and CSGV you have been proven wrong.

        Now, go see if your chief allows to carry 2 rounds of ammunition instead of one and leave the people that know guns talk amongst themselves.

  11. Konig has been told he has a purdy mouth before……………LOL. Open carry has been legal in Indiana for decades, and it is fairly common in more rural semi-rural areas. I was open carrying a G17 a few weeks ago as I had been cutting firewood since the morning and it had warmed up. Pulled into a gas station to fill the truck and a guy in a refurbished WWII Jeep pulled up across from me, with a fully functional m1919 machine gun (semi-auto version-much cheaper) on a pedestal mount. I looked at him and asked where the belt was, he said “Under the seat next to the gas tank.” My G17 took on a slightly smaller feel about then……………..LOL.

    1. I would of loved to have seen that! But I’m sure the bad ass above would of taken it away from him and shoved it up his ass! LOL

  12. Bannerman would be a candidate for the Darwin award if he followed through with his pea brained thoughts and didn’t ask the stupid question first.

  13. […] This kind of crime is not without its supporters. Bloomberg hirelings Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action and Ladd Everitt of CSGV tweeted support for Foster, the violent criminal, at the time of the incident, but they were silent when their boy was convicted and sentenced. And the Brady Campaign’s Michael Bannerman suggested in 2012 that people opposed to open or concealed carry could and should “use non-deadly force to bring him down and render him not a threat.” What Foster did is exactly what the Brady Campaign called for, except it actually was (and is) a crime, as Miguel pointed out, presciently, in 2012. […]

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